Monday, April 27, 2009

Leaving Hawaii :(

We've really had a great time in Hawaii with our friends. Unfortunately, it had to end sometime, and we headed back last night, traveling all through the night to get back home. It was a long flight, but I was a really good girl for most of it. We were VERY lucky that nobody sat in the 3rd seat in our row on the plane, so I had my very own seat the whole time. I slept for about 2 and a half hours soon after takeoff. Then I woke up and was really fussy for over an hour. I was really tired, but couldn't get comfortable! Daddy picked me up and walked through the plane for a while, and then we came back, where I finally fell asleep again. I slept for about another 2 and a half hours, and then we arrived in Dallas! So it was really a quick flight for me. I don't think it was quite as quick for Mommy and Daddy. Mommy didn't get any real sleep, Daddy got about an hour.

In Dallas we hopped on another plane for the flight to OKC. Right after takeoff I fell asleep in Daddy's arms. He fell asleep too! It's a real short flight, only about 40 minutes, and I woke up after the plane pulled up to the gate. I was tired and jet lagged!

We really had a wonderful time and I hope I get to see Chad, Sandi, and Alex again soon!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Children's Discovery Center

Honolulu has a great place for kids called the Children's Discovery Center. Alex, Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Chad and I headed there today. They have lots of neat things to do and learn while playing.

The first room we came across was a small auditorium that was empty. We weren't sure if this was supposed to be an activity or if just wasn't being used, but that didn't stop us! Alex and I got up on the stage and danced, danced, danced! There were colored lights shining around, too.

This place had a lot of mirrors. I thought it was pretty neat. Can you tell which ones are the real Piper and Alex???

They had an area where we could pretend to be doing lots of fun jobs. Here Alex pretends she's a bank teller and I make a withdrawal!

I got to drive a fire truck, too! I saw the jacket and hat and ran right over to try to put them on. Daddy had to help me a little with the jacket, but I got the hat on myself!

We even got to be on the news! They had video cameras so we could see what we looked like.

I've never seen such a big bubble!

Mommy and I got to curl up together in a big chair. I tried and tried to climb up on it myself, but couldn't quite do it. Look, Mommy's feet don't even touch the floor. (Now she knows how I feel!)

And right at the exit was another big chair. Alex and I made sure Mommy got one last good picture before we left.

What a neat place!

Where's Piper? (And Alex?)

Alex and I were playing around being silly today. You know I always like to hide under the covers or a towel or even just my hands. So when Alex suggested we hide behind the curtains, I was all for it!

Mommy and Daddy didn't even know we were here!

Boo! We jumped out and surprised them!

By the way, do you like my Hawaiian outfit and pink purse? Mommy got them for me yesterday.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chocolate Easter eggs are yummy!

Alex and I got to play a lot today. She went and hid some plastic easter eggs around the living room, and I had to find them. Well, I found the first one and discovered she had put a chocolate Easter egg inside each one! Mommy helped me unwrap it, and I quickly stuffed the whole thing in my mouth. Wow! It was good! And now that I knew what was in each one, I wasted no time in finding more of the eggs. I think I had 3 before Mommy had to cut me off, but I really wanted more.

Piper! Running!

Sometime this week, I started yelling "Piper! Running!" when I'm running. What can I say, I'm excited! Here I am, running to get into the car to go somewhere. Do you like my purse? Mommy bought it just for me, and I think it's great!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Aaron and Carla Schade

Mommy found out that Aaron Schade, a friend of hers from back around 2nd grade, his wife Carla and their three children live in Hawaii, and real close to the Polynesian Cultural Center too. Since we were right next door, we couldn't pass up the chance to meet them! They had us over for dinner and we had a real nice time. Thanks!

One of their children, David, is 3 and a half, so I was able to play a little with him. He has a great bunk bed that he shares with his older brother. I saw that ladder and ran on up quicker than Daddy could stop me! He had no idea I could climb a ladder (and neither did I!)

Polynesian Cultural Center

On the other side of the island from Honolulu is a place called the Polynesian Cultural Center. It's a place where you get to learn about the difference cultures from many of the islands of the Pacific. Mommy and Daddy went last time they were here, and knew I'd love it. So we headed on up, and they were right! There were a lot of shows, and dancing, and noisy drums, so lots to keep me interested.

At one of the islands, we got to make fish out of palm fronds. Well, Mommy and Daddy got to make them, but I still got to play with them!

Pretty neat!

They had a big parade on the water where people from each island would put on their own show. The brightly colored costumes and noises kept me interested.

In one of the huts we got to bang bamboo poles along with the rhythm of a song. Daddy got this pole for himself, but once I saw that we were going to be banging them on the floor, I had to have it for myself! I may not have had quite the right rhythm, but I certainly was giving it all I've got. It was fun!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heading back to Honolulu and the Honolulu Zoo

This morning we checked out of the Pililau Army Recreation Center and headed back to Honolulu. We had originally planned to stay another night, but have I mentioned the rooster (or roosters)? You see, the recreation center is in a very "local" area, and is right across a chain-link fence from the surrounding community. One of the local families raises chickens, and a very loud rooster who talked all day long. I did get to learn how to make a rooster sound though!

So between this and several other reasons, we checked out early and headed back to Honolulu. The first thing we did was to go to the Honolulu Zoo! I got to see a lot of animals and got to run all over the place.

They had tortoises, which I got to see really up close.

And really tall giraffes! (Grandma Roslewski's favorite.)

They even had a komodo dragon!

It was a great time, but I noticed that most of the pictures were of the back of my head! I guess that means I was really interested in all the animals, right?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Playing at the beach!

Every day we've gone to the beach I've gotten a little bit braver. A few days ago I wouldn't even walk in the sand, then I didn't want my bare feet to touch the sand. But I'm getting better!

Maybe it's because today Mommy and Daddy broke out some toys for me to play with on the beach!

I had no trouble walking to the beach and onto the sand. Daddy quickly made a mini sand castle, and I just as quickly set out to destroy it. I did this a lot! Notice how I still don't want to sit down in the sand.

After a little while of this, Daddy took me out into the water. He wanted to get me closer to the waves. Now remember, I know the word "wave" and I was pointing them all out to Daddy.

I was a good spotter, and would yell "wave!" and point as soon as I saw one coming in. Then I would hug Daddy, as if bracing for impact. When the wave would pass us and splash us, I would start giggling! I wasn't really afraid, but before every wave came in I'd give Daddy a big hug. And then I'd giggle again once it passed. A couple times I did get saltwater in my mouth, which was pretty yucky, but I was okay.
See me giggling?

We did this for a good long while, and then I came back in to play on the beach with Mommy. Mommy made a lot of sand castles, and of course I did my best to smash them all down. It was great! And if you'll notice, I'm now sitting right down in the sand, no problem!

What a great time. I sure did have a lot of sand in a bunch of places, though!

Dole Plantation

Today we headed up to the Dole Pineapple Plantation in Wahaiwa. We didn't really know what to expect, although Daddy was excited about the big maze they've got there, the world's largest! So we did that first.

Here I am scouting out the right way to go.

There was a clear area in the middle, so I had to help Daddy by pointing the way. Notice my hands are full of rocks. I was very interested in all the rocks on the ground!

There were 8 "stations" you had to find to complete the maze. At each one was a stencil that you used to mark your card. Daddy showed me how to use the stencils!

We had a lot of fun making our way through the maze. It only took us 1:24 (an hour and 24 minutes)! Of course, that was with me walking much of the way.

When we got done, we went to see what else they had to offer. I got to pose as a pineapple!

They had a big pond with a lot of koi!

The last thing we did was to go on a train ride through the plantation. Once I realized we were on a "choo-choo", I had to let everyone else on the train know this too, over and over again! "Choo-choo!"

I was pretty worn out from all the walking around earlier, and actually fell asleep in Daddy's arms near the end of the train ride, and he got me back in the car without waking me up!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

West end of Farrington Hwy

After they left we played for a few minutes and then Daddy laid down on the bed and asked if I could come give him a big hug. Well I did, and didn’t move again for about 2 hours! I fell asleep on his chest like I used to do all the time when I was little. This was especially nice since I haven’t been napping much since we got here, what with my routine being way off from what I’m used to. So a good long nap was definitely in order. Of course, this meant Daddy got in a good nap as well, so he didn’t mind. Mommy laid down next to us and read. Like I said, today was a pretty relaxing day!

When I woke up, we all headed out to the very far west end of the road that runs almost all the way around Oahu. You see, there’s a point at which it’s no longer paved, and it’s really rough past that point. So we stopped at the end of the pavement and got out. It wasn’t really much different than anywhere else on the island, but we walked around a little looking for more tidal pools, which we found a few of. I also have learned the word “wave”. Mommy and Daddy thought it was pretty funny, since I would point at the wave, say “wave”, and then start “waving” at the waves!

I just included this picture since Daddy thought I looked pretty cute.

After a little while there, we headed back to the cottage and played some more in the sand. I am starting to get much braver, and even walked in the sand almost all the way down to the water’s edge, before stopping and asking for help!

But I couldn’t quite make it all the way into the water. Mommy helped me out this time and picked me up. This means her pants got wet instead of Daddy’s, so he was happy taking pictures!

Of course, all this walking in the sand means one thing – sand in the shoes! I have found out that I really don’t like this part of playing on the beach, and refused to walk until Daddy had cleaned most of the sand off!

It was a great day!

Pililaau Army Recreation Center

Yesterday after the Sea Life Park we said goodbye to Chad, Sandi, and Alex for the day and headed up to the Pililau Army Recreation Center on the leeward (West) shore of Oahu. They have cottages there and it is right on the beach. Our front door is about 100 feet from the water! We are going to be here through Friday morning, and Mommy and Daddy hope it will be a very relaxing time. So far they’ve been right! Let me tell you about how today went.

First, I slept in until almost 7 AM. This doesn’t sound too wonderful, but I have been waking up at about 6:15, so Mommy and Daddy were very happy. A few hours later, Chad and Sandi came to visit, to see what this place was like, and to have breakfast at the buffet here. You’d think it’d been years since I saw Uncle Chad and not just 16 hours – when I saw him walking up, I took off and ran right over to him!

After breakfast, we went for a walk along the beach. I was pretty concerned about the sand and the water, but eventually I got brave and walked a little in the sand, with bare feet even!

But I wasn’t too interested in the wet sand! See here I do the “splits” when Daddy tried to set me down.

I did get brave and touched the water a few times though.

Chad was very busy while we were playing in the water. Doing what, you ask? Spelling out his nickname for Daddy in the sand! In case you can’t quite read it, it says “SLACKER”. Fortunately it was washed away within the next few hours!

Uncle Chad and Aunt Sandi had to leave, but we were glad they came up. We’ll see them again very soon. More about our relaxing day next!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sea Life Park

Today we went to the Sea Life Park. It’s kind of like a mini Sea World. Daddy and Mommy had gone there last time they were in Hawaii, and thought I would really like it. Well, I wasn’t that interested at first, but I gradually warmed up, especially after we saw the turtles. I really like saying “turtle”!

We saw a baby turtle too, only 10 months old. We were allowed to touch it, but I was a little shy so Daddy touched it for me.

We also saw a dolphin up close!

But my favorite part was the large aquarium they have. There was a diver in it feeding the stingrays, and they had lots of fish. We stayed looking at these fish for at least 20 minutes. I didn’t want to leave!

It was a tiring day, so it was good to get back into the car, where I promptly fell asleep between sips of milk. I was tired!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playing with Alex

I have really been enjoying playing with Alex. Since she’s 5 (and a half!) she knows a lot more things than I do, and I’ve been learning a lot! She has a lot of fun toys like a princess tent! I like hiding in the tent with her.

This morning Aunt Sandi watched Alex and me while Uncle Chad, Mommy and Daddy went snorkeling. They told me I’m a little too small for snorkeling yet, but I was okay with that. I got to play all day at their home! I even got to paint!

I did, however, mistake one of their baskets for my potty chair. Oops!

When Mommy, Daddy, and Chad got back we played outside for a while. Alex and I got to draw with chalk on the sidewalk!

I accidentally walked away with her basket of chalk. Sorry!

I got to play with a ball that was almost as big as I am.

And I got to play frisbee with Daddy, Chad, and Alex! Daddy was even able to catch the Frisbee on my arm a few times, which I thought was really great and giggled each time. I also tried to throw it back, but I don’t quite have the right technique yet.