Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quotes of mine

I've been saying a lot of silly things lately, and Daddy's been writing them down.  Here are some of them!

"Camels keep water in their humps so they don't spill any."

When seeing a sprinkler in somebody's yard - "Why is somebody not playing in their sprinkler?" - I'm VERY confused about that!

I get a can of Reddi-Whip out of the refrigerator - "Daddy, I really like this!"  But then I admit "I don't know what it is!"

Said in the toothpaste aisle at the store - "When I be older, I can SPIT!"  With accent on the "spit", of course.  Daddy's tried getting me to spit out my toothpaste, reminding me that I can use "big girl" toothpaste once I can spit.

This morning Daddy said "Do you want breakfast, Piper?"  Me - "Yes, then I can have a treat!"  Daddy - Not after breakfast, but maybe after lunch."  Me - "I want lunch!"  (Aren't I smart?)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ada, Oklahoma air show

Daddy found out that the airport in Ada, OK was hosting an airshow this weekend, so he asked if I wanted to go.  I made sure to tell him that I didn't want any loud airplanes like the F-16 last week.  He said there wasn't going to be any loud airplanes like that, so I said yes, let's go!

The drive there was really quick, or at least it seemed that way since I was asleep for most of it.  They had lots of airplanes and helicopters on display, and planes doing aerobatics and formation flight constantly. 

Of course I ran right over to the News Channel 4 helicopter and had to jump inside (I'm such my Daddy's girl). 

We went on the FAA's DC-3, saw a Russian helicopter, and watched the airshow acts, including parachutists, which I thought was really neat and told Daddy all about what they were doing.  Daddy didn't get many pictures of me, though, since he was holding me most of the time so I could see!

One aerobatic pilot Daddy told me was a girl!  When I found that out, I started asking him if we could go say hello to her.  Daddy reminded me that she needed to land first!  But I kept asking and we finally were able to meet her.  She gave me a personalized authographed picture!  Her name was Kelly Pietrowicz and lives just up the road from us in Midwest City.  She told us that she does offer aerobatic rides - Daddy said no thanks for him, but I kept telling him the rest of the day that when I get a little bit older, maybe I can fly with Kelly - upside down!  Oh no!

It was pretty hot, so we only stayed a couple of hours, but had a lot of fun while we were there.  I kept talking about Kelly on the way back, too.  She's got a new fan!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Today of course is Father's Day, and I helped Daddy celebrate it nice and early by waking him up at 5:30.  I just wanted to cuddle a little bit!  This wasn't that bad, though, since Daddy expected I'd wake him up early (I haven't been sleeping very well since Mommy left last week) and planned for us to fly to Cedar Mills, TX for breakfast.  We met up with a couple of other dads and their sons and had a good meal.  Daddy ordered the "short stack" of pancakes for me.  It was only two pancakes, but they were each almost a foot across!  I did my best but could only eat about half of it.  That's still pretty good!

They have a marina, boats, and even a petting zoo at Cedar Mills, so we stopped by and gave the animals some love.  This guy was especially friendly!

Since I love to be Piper the Explorer, we did a little exploring among the trees that lined the grass runway there.  I called it the "jungle" and told Daddy he needed to be quiet because I was looking out for Swiper the Fox (from the Dora the Explorer series).  I thought I saw him in the jungle, so I said loudly, "Swiper no swiping!"  It was a fun time, but it was really hot!

Once we got home, we tried to stay in the cool air conditioned house as much as possible.  We had a little snack, and then I went over to play on the couch.  A few minutes later Daddy realized it was pretty quiet over my way.  Sure enough, I fell asleep "hiding" on the couch!  He thought this was great and went and took a nap too.  About 30 minutes later I fussed a little, so he came and got me and brought me back in bed with him.  I fell right back asleep cuddled up to him, and slept for about another hour and a half!  He thought this was the best Father's Day present ever, since I don't really nap on his shoulder much anymore.  He thought it was so nice that he let me sleep a little longer than I should have, and it was about 5:00 when he decided I needed to wake up.  Usually I fuss when I'm woken up, but this time he asked me if I wanted to go play in the sprinkler.  Yes!  I woke up right away!

We went outside and I quickly got rid of my clothes down to my underwear, and ran through the water, squealing.  What fun!

After a few minutes, though, I decided that I had way too many clothes on still, and quickly took my underwear off too!  Naked 3 year old!  I told Daddy "Daddy, you need to take your shirt and pants off too!"  Needless to say, he didn't think that was such a great idea, but I sure had fun anyway.

Too soon, I had to dry off.  I tried to make a duck face in my duck towel!

After this he let me ride my bicycle around a little while he mowed the lawn.  He was, of course, trying to tire me out after my long, late nap so I'd be able to fall asleep tonight.  (Nice try, but he was wrong!)

So it was a great day - flying, pancakes, Piper the Explorer, long nap with Daddy, playing in the sprinklers, and riding my bike.  Wow!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tinker AFB Air Show

Today was the bi-annual Tinker AFB Air Show!  Daddy and I got to see lots of airplanes, and I even got to go in a few of them!  The best ones were where I got to sit in the cockpit, this this Army C-23 Sherpa.

And this Navy helicopter!

Two of the airplanes had big shark teeth painted on the nose.  I thought this was pretty neat and wanted to go touch it, but was a little scared.  Daddy said he'd be right there so the shark wouldn't bite me!

After we saw all the static displays, we watched some of the airshow.  I was having a great time enjoying it, right up to the F-16 demonstration flight.  The F-16 was REALLY LOUD, and it really scared me!  There wasn't much Daddy could do about it, of course, but I just hugged him tight and held my ears tight.  I just wanted to go home!  So we started walking towards the entrance, but of course I saw another plane I wanted to go on, the E-3 AWACS.  There was a long line, but we waited, and when we got to the top of the stairs, I headed right for the cockpit, of course.  But I saw there were other people in there and changed my mind.  Now I was ready to go home!

We were only there for a couple of hours, but it was enough.  I was asleep before we even got out of the parking lot!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gift from Miss Sharon

Today I got a big box from Miss Sharon, Auntie Charlie's mother, who came by to help Auntie Charlie pick up her cat in February.  When Daddy said it was a present for me, I got really excited, like it was still my birthday! I even thought the card was great (with 3 princesses on it)!

There were a great handmade quilt and blanket in the box.

I really like them, and I've been using the blanket and quilt when I'm on the couch. To be cozy with and to hide under, of course!

Thank you Miss Sharon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daddy posted a video of me riding my bike


3 year checkup!

Today Daddy picked me up and took me to the doctor for my 3 year old checkup.  It was my first "big girl" appointment, I'm no longer a baby!  The nurse took my blood pressure with an arm cuff, and I even had to provide a urine sample (they check for things like diabetes).  That was a lot of fun for Daddy!  I didn't want to do it at first, but once he mentioned that I could have a treat if I did it, I changed my mind right away.

The best news was that I didn't have to get any shots!

Height - 39 inches (90th percentile)
Weight - 35 pounds (80th percentile)

I am healthy and a big girl!  That's about 3 inches and 5 1/2 pounds more than last year.

Since I was so brave, and since Daddy promised a treat, we went across the parking lot to Braum's for some ice cream.  I had mint chocolate chip, and loved it.  Coincidentally, Mommy had some mint chocolate chip ice cream today too - am I my mother's daughter or what?

Monday, June 14, 2010

I finished my brownie, can I have a treat?

Today after dinner, we finished off my birthday brownies.  I ate mine really fast, too!  When I was done, I looked at Daddy and in all seriousness, said "Daddy, I ate my brownie super fast, can I have a treat?" 

Daddy just started laughing and asked me what exactly I thought the brownie was!  I was being silly!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drive back from Kansas

We took Mommy to pick up her car at the airport this morning, and that meant we had to say goodbye.  I didn't want her to go and was very sad.  But we still had a little fun before she left.

On the way back, Daddy and I stopped in Wichita at the Wichita Aviation Museum.  They had a few neat exhibits, like these propellers that Daddy said I could touch.

But when I saw this mini cockpit setup on the ground (probably the display was being repaired), I knew it was made just for me!  I sat right down and started flying and adjusting all the instruments.  I could have stayed here all day, and Daddy actually had to drag me away after a little while.  They have some planes outside, you know!

Like this one.  It's big!

I was a really good girl on the drive back, but with a little over a hour to go, I was getting pretty restless.  So Daddy got out the portable DVD player and put in my new Dora movie.  I was hooked instantly!  I was getting pretty animated following the story, waving my hands and clapping at the right times, and yelling out phrases like "Swiper no swiping!" and "Lo hicimos - we did it!" at the right times.  I was really getting into it!

We already miss Mommy!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

We headed to Kansas today

Today I had a good time helping Mommy a little in the kitchen, riding my new bike, and I got to watch my new Dora movie too!  I really liked it.  In fact, I am quickly learning some Spanish.  My favorite phrase so far has to be "Lo hicimos - we did it!"  I repeated this over and over.

But the bad news was that Daddy checked the weather for tomorrow, and we weren't going to be able to fly up to drop Mommy off in Kansas where her car is.  Since Mommy was going to have a long drive ahead of her to Wisconsin, they decided we'd drive up there tonight, about a 5 hour drive.  So at around 5:30 we left.  Mommy sat in the back of the car with me for a while and read all of my new Dora books.  Then I asked her to read them again! 

The only thing I seem to know about Kansas is that they have cookies there, because at one airport Daddy and I stopped at in Kansas, they had cookies.  So now when I heard we were going to Kansas, the first thing I asked was "Can I have a cookie?"  But we couldn't find one at any of the places we stopped on the way.

It got pretty late, and dark, and I fell asleep for a while.  When I woke up I was completely disoriented, it was dark, and I was really fussy!  We stopped once more and guess what, they had cookies, so I calmed down really quick at that point.

We stayed in a hotel near the airport, and I got a big bed all to myself.  I was tired and fell asleep really quickly!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I woke Mommy and Daddy up nice and early today. I am 3! We got to play around a little on the big bed, and I even went flying. My favorite part is the crash landings that Daddy does!

In one of the presents Mr. Bob and Ms. Mary gave me yesterday was a bag of M&Ms.  This morning, I wanted them for breakfast.  Of course Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let me, but said after lunch I could have them.  After breakfast I asked again and got the same answer.  I made no further mention of them, but then right after I finished my last bite of lunch, I got down from the table, ran into the other room, and came back with my M&Ms.  I didn't forget!

Grandma and Papa and Shadow were going to come visit today, so we decided to go to the bouncy-bounce place (the Jump Zone) and they could meet us there.  I had seen this horse before, but today I saw another girl on it, and it was MOVING!  My eyes got really big as I looked at Mommy and said, "it moves?"  So Mommy let me go for a ride.  My horse's name is Bullseye, of course!

I ran up and down the basketball court with a ball.  I fell down a few times, but it was fun!

I went down this slide a lot.  I always wanted Mommy or Daddy to catch me at the bottom, though.  The first time I shot off the end and landed on my bottom!

Grandma and Papa arrived and I got to show them all about this place.  I was there for about an hour and a half, by which time I was completely exhausted and wanted to go home.  When we got home, Mommy and I made brownies!  After the brownies, we went to eat dinner.  I wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse, because I wanted to eat the rolls.  So off we went, and I fell asleep on the way!  At dinner, I really dug into the rolls.  I didn't want anything else, and ate 5 of them.  They're really good! 

We came home and it was time to decorate the brownies.  Remember, I've been saying I want "blue" icing all week.  So that's what we did, made up some blue icing with some food coloring.  It was just what I wanted, and I helped spread it all over the pan of brownies.  Doesn't that look delicious!

We didn't eat the brownies right away, since we had just eaten dinner, so we decided it was time to open presents.  I was very excited this time, now that I know all about presents.  Mommy got me this great picture book all about puppies!

And Daddy got me two books in the same series, about airplanes and helicopters!

Grandma and Papa got me this neat, neon, "glo-doodle".  I drew some pretty pictures.

They also got me a set of Dora books.  Papa helped me open them up.  I wanted to read them all right away!

I got a Dora movie too!  I was very excited about this one.

The last thing on the table was this great Dora helmet.  I thought it would be great for riding my tricycle, so I hopped on and rode around the house.  What a great birthday!

Wait a minute, Daddy and Mommy said there's something else, but I had to close my eyes super tight while Daddy went to get it.  I tried my best!

I heard Daddy walk in, and I may have peeked a little bit.  Mommy asked, "what is that, Piper?"  Silly Mommy, that's an easy question, "a bike".  A second passed, my eyes got big and wide as I realized it was for me, and I ran over to it and tried to climb on board!  That's right, they said I could have a bike when I was a little older, and now that I'm 3, I'm a little older!

But I couldn't hop on, because it had no pedals!  I found them in the basket, where Daddy had put them so I could help put them on.  I like helping Daddy with tools!

We took it outside right away for a ride.  I'm a happy girl!

I rode around for a while, but then someone reminded me we still had brownies inside.  They were pretty tasty!

After brownies, it was time for Grandma and Papa and Shadow to leave, but that meant I got to go outside again and ride my bike some more.  I waved goodbye, and then rode up and down the sidewalk between our neighbors driveways, back and forth, back and forth.  Our neighbors came out to see me.  I had quite an audience, and was getting really good at riding!

What a great birthday!  Now that I have my own bike, what great adventures lie ahead?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mommy's home! Mommy's home!

Mommy was supposed to get in last night, but due to scheduling problems, she didn't get in until this afternoon.  Daddy picked her up and brought her to meet me at school at about 3:30.  We were outside playing at the time, but when I saw her, I immediately ran over, dropping my bucket in the process, and gave her a really big hug!

I'm so glad Mommy's home, even if just for a few days.  I of course quickly reminded her that it was my birthday tomorrow, and I wanted cake with blue on it, and icing!

We were hungry so we went out to eat, Mexican food, which they don't have a lot of in Wisconsin.  And then we headed to the park so I could show Mommy what a big girl I am now!  I went down the super big slide.

And walked across these, holding on to Daddy for a little support.

Next came the big challenge, but I'm getting really good at it and can do it all by myself!  Mommy was pretty amazed.

I told Daddy I didn't think he could fit in here, so he proved that he could.  I'm making a funny face at Mommy.

"Here, Daddy, I'll catch you!"

After leaving the park, we did a little shopping, and I got some new sunglasses.  Dora style!  We also coincidentally ended up at a Cold Stone, where I immediately pointed out I wanted the green (mint) ice cream with M&Ms in it.  I ate it all up super quick!  I may be like my Daddy in a lot of ways, but when it comes to ice cream, I'm definitely my Mommy's girl.

Our neighbors Mr. Bob and Miss Mary were out when we got home, and they had an early birthday present for me!  It was a bag with some treats, and a little M&M whiteboard to write on.

I liked writing on the board.  Mommy wrote the "P", but then I wrote the "I".  And lots more "I"s!

It is really great to have Mommy home.  Tomorrow's my birthday!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My birthday's coming up!

My birthday's coming up on Friday!  I'll be 3, and as I say several times a day, "Mommy's coming home for my birthday, and I want a blue cake, with candles, and I'll blow them all out!"  I am very focused on having "blue" on my cake. 

Mommy gets in tomorrow, and Daddy and I are very excited.  She will have to head back to Wisconsin on Sunday, but we're happy she'll be here for four days. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We had to leave Mommy today

We had a great long weekend, but it was time for Daddy and me to head back to Oklahoma.  I did tell Mommy a few times that we were going to take her with us.  She wished we could, too!

As Daddy was getting the airplane ready, I hopped up in the pilot's seat.  I found this "microphone" that I had been playing with on the way up, and gave Mommy my best vocal performance.

I also was carrying around some chocolates from dinner the night before, and decided now was the time to eat them.  I got in my seat and opened them up.  Since they'd been in my hand for a while, they were a bit melty.  Didn't stop me at all!

It was a very long flight back.  We had to head around some weather in the Kansas City area, and passed by our planned lunch stop to get away from developing storms.  Plus we had strong headwinds in southern Kansas and Oklahoma.  I did watch some movies and got some sleep, but it was still a very long trip.  As we were coming in to land at our airport, I was complaining that my tummy hurt, my ears hurt, I wanted to get down, and I was tired.  But when Daddy parked the plane, I just wanted to jump up front and pretend to fly!

We were very glad we got to go up and see Mommy.  But I don't think Daddy will be up to another flight of this length with me for a while!