Monday, January 31, 2011

Look how big my hand is!

This isn't the handprint I made last Christmas, it's Daddy's handprint from when he was 5.  My hand is almost as big as his was!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Mommy's home and saying grace

Mommy's home!  She got back to the house at about 6 PM tonight, and we were very happy to see her.  We even had dinner all ready for her, because we knew she'd be tired.  We had pasta!

During dinner I told Mommy that my teacher at church said I can pray at dinner, or breakfast, or lunch, or anytime!  So Mommy asked me if I'd like to pray right now.  I said yes, so I bowed my head and said grace!

It went something like this: "Thank you Heavenly Father, thankful for this food, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Mommy and Daddy told me I'm getting to be such a big girl!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"I Spy"

I now really like the game "I Spy" in the car. The first time we played it was on our drive from Oklahoma to Ohio, but I didn't always understand the idea. Since then, though, I have become really good at it, and the first thing I usually ask once we get in the car is, "Can we play I Spy now?"  Of course Daddy makes me wait until we're out of the garage!

Of course, it's winter, so the games aren't always that exciting - we have a lot of "I spy with my little eye, something WHITE".  And it's usually the snow!

Although I have recently tried to be tricky. 

"Daddy, I spy with my little eye, I spy something white!" 
"Is it the snow?" 
"Is it that sign?"
"No, it's the snow over THERE!"

Ha ha!

Movie with Daddy

Tonight Daddy had a special surprise. He said that after dinner, he had a new movie for me that we could watch together - "101 Dalmatians"!  I have two versions of the book (a short one and a longer one) that I've asked Mommy and Daddy to read to me over and over again, but I've never seen the movie. So I was pretty excited! We even got to sit on the floor in the living room and eat popcorn.  I sat really close to Daddy and cuddled up.  It was great, and I really liked the movie too!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Started a new "school" today!

I had been on the waiting list for the Child Development Center on the base, and they called last week saying they had an opening, which we had to take within a week or it would offerred to the next family on the list.  Well, Daddy still hasn't found a job but they decided to take the slot and I started going today.  Daddy was notified unofficially that he was selected for a position on the base and we expect the official offer to come anytime now, so it seemed a good idea to take the opening at the CDC and not go back on the waiting list.  Also, this will give him more time during the day to search for other jobs in case this job at the base doesn't work out for some reason.

I was very excited to go today!  I practically bounced down the hall to the room and got to meet all my new classmates.  Before he left, I told Daddy that when he picked me up later in the day, he would be SO happy to see me.  And when he did pick me up, he sure was!

The letter of the day was "Y" and I even learned a silly song - "If you think yams are yummy, say a yes - YES!"  I had a great time.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mommy heads to Virginia

This week Mommy has a training class in Virginia, so it will just be Daddy and me all week.  She left this afternoon, and we're really going to miss her!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cold, swimming, pet store and sledding

How cold is it in Ohio?  This morning it was -6 degrees F.  Brrr!  And I had swimming lessons again this morning!

Mommy took me to swimming lessons (this was my second lesson) and I did a lot better than last week.  I was much more comfortable and even jumped right in the water.  I didn't let my head go underwater though.  But I am definitely improving!

Later today we decided to take Mommy to the pet store that Daddy and I have gone to a couple of times.  Not only can you pet the puppies and bunnies, but they have lots of other neat animals to look at too, like snakes and lizards and mice and fish.  It's fun because Daddy teaches me things about the animals while we're there, and I ask lots of questions.  But Mommy and I both like playing the puppies the most!

As if all that wasn't enough excitement, Daddy and I went sledding again (it had warmed up a lot since this morning).  I was tired out by the end of the day!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Being at home with Daddy

Daddy is still working on getting hired into another government job since we moved, and so we've been able to spend a lot of time together, which we both think is pretty great.  We've developed quite a routine.  Sometimes I wake up before Mommy leaves, but usually not.  He'll already be awake, of course, and so we'll have breakfast together (usually a second breakfast for him since he ate with Mommy).  Then he'll go exercise while I usually play my Fisher-Price sports video game and get some of my own "exercise" as I call it.  Once he's done we'll play some, and then he'll usually do some work around the house before lunch, when we sometimes meet Mommy and run some errands.  When we get back he tried to play with me as much as he can while getting in some housework too.  I have been a really good girl and usually play quietly by myself when he needs to get work done.

Needless to say, we've played lot of Chutes and Ladders and Candyland!

I also have this "game" I really like to play.  It's called "I've got a present for you!"  I'll hold something behind my back, and add that "You can even open it BEFORE Christmas!"  When I say this part my eyes light up and I get excited.  Then I'll show him what it is!  It could be anything around the house that I happen to think he might want, but regardless of what it is, I still get really excited to play this game!

Sometimes he thinks I'm a little silly.  But we're having fun!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Took Mommy to the Boonshoft

Daddy and I had so much fun at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery last time we went, that today we took Mommy along with us to show her what it was like!  I got to show her a little bit of everything there (including the giant Burmese Python, which I was still fascinated with and told her all about how last time it was getting its new skin).  She also got to touch the starfish with me.

I really liked the "grocery store" section where they have a pretend grocery store with food items I got to ring up.  I always try to do this in real grocery stores, but Mommy and Daddy don't usually let me play at the empty registers!

Mommy made good friends with a chameleon.  It must have known that she loves animals, as it was stretching out as far as it could, holding on with just the tip of its tail, to try to say hi.

I also got to run the computers at mission control for the space shuttle!

The last thing we did before we left, though, was one of the most fun.  There is a small room where you can dance around and your outline is displayed on the screen in different colors and patterns which change every few minutes.  I must have danced around for 20 minutes, and Mommy and Daddy did a little bit too!  They were happy because it was wearing me out.  We sure had fun and will definitely go back again.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mommy has a 3-day weekend!

Tonight when Mommy gets home I've been reminding her all week that "Mommy, you'll get to stay with us for 3 days!  And not have to go to work!"  I've been very excited because I love when Mommy is home with us and can't wait to play with her all weekend!

I've also been reminding her that "Mommy, the best part of work is when you get to meet us for lunch!"  And she tells me that that is absolutely true.  Daddy and I try to meet Mommy for lunch at least 2-3 times a week.  We really like it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Little Mermaid

Yesterday afternoon Daddy and I watched "The Little Mermaid" together (Daddy may have taken a little nap during it).  This morning I really wanted to watch it again, and he let me. 

Well, all day today I have been pretending to be Ariel, and I keep telling Daddy that he is King Triton!  I have been singing like Ariel and took a bath and pretended to be Ariel swimming and wiggling my toes like when she gets feet.  I've had a great time pretending - "Daddy, I'll be Ariel and you be King Triton.  And when Mommy comes home she can be a mermaid too!"

What fun!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fudge and sledding!

It was really snowing a lot today and the forecast was for it to be icy on the roads as well, so Mommy got to come home early from work.  And what did Mommy and I do?  Make fudge of course!  I was a big help and that meant I got to lick the beater (and make a big mess all over my face).  Yum!

Then it was time to go sledding!  Daddy and I had gone before, but Mommy hadn't yet.  And we took the camera so we could get some pictures.  I got ready and we set out.  The hill is really close to our house so we walk!  I did a great job of pulling my own sled.

We had a great time going down the hill.  One of the first times down, Mommy was nice and pulled my sled up the hill for me.  But right as we started, I said to her, "Mommy, I want to try THAT!" and pointed over to another kid who was sitting on his sled while his daddy pulled him up the hill.  I thought that looked like a lot of fun.  Mommy didn't think so, though!


Daddy got to down a lot too.  His sled may be over 30 years old, but it was the fastest and went the farthest of anyone out there!

Daddy made me pull my own sled up every single time.  Sometimes I tried to be tricky and hopped on hi sled when he wasn't looking, but somehow he always knew!  But I did great climbing the hill by myself and it sure was good exercise.

We stayed out a lot longer after Mommy walked back home.  It was pretty cold but we were having fun.  When we got home, Mommy and I had a nice cup of hot chocolate!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Foot rubs!

Daddy still isn't sure how he was suckered into giving me a foot rub after he gave Mommy one.  I guess I just asked really nicely!  So I settled in to read a nice book.  Mommy sure thought it was funny enough to get a picture.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Swimming lessons!

Today I had my first formal swimming class, and I liked it!  I am in the "Pike" class at the YMCA and was with other kids my age.  Our teacher first tried to learn how comfortable we were in the water by asking us to blow bubbles.  I had no problem with that!

I did a little bit of swimming with the teacher holding on to me.  I look scared, but I really wasn't, I think I just didn't know what I supposed to do!

The next exercise was floating on our backs.  I did pretty well at this with the teacher's help.

We got to put on a floatie and try to swim on our own.  I didn't do this too well and so the teacher came over and helped me out.  Now that the teacher knows what I can and can't do, next week should be even better!

I sure did have a fun time on the side of the pool while the other kids tried to swim!

I can't wait to go next time and am sure I'll learn fast.  I like swimming!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Video game and dancing

I got a present from Mr. and Mrs. May, friends of Mommy's who live in the Phoenix area.  It's a Fisher Price game that connects to the TV.  You have to do things like hit the tennis balls with a certain shape, color, or letter on them.  It also has golf and baseball.  I like to play and call it "exercising"!

One other thing I've really started to do a lot is change into my princess outfit during the day.  Pretty much every day, I'll go upstairs without telling Daddy where I'm going, and then when I come down I'm wearing my princess outfit!  Then I noticed that my bunny also has a pink dress, so we're two pink princesses!  I will walk up to Daddy and ask "do you want to dance with your princess?"  Of course he says yes, and we'll turn on some music and dance.  Then sometimes I'll dance with my bunny princess.  Here I am showing how both of our dresses look when we twirl around.  I love dancing!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sleeping on the floor

I was playing in the living room and brought down my pillow and blanket so one of my stuffed animal friends could be comfy and take a nap.  When Daddy next found me, apparently I thought it looked pretty comfy and was taking a nap myself!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

When we were in Oklahoma, I loved going to the Omniplex (Science Museum Oklahoma).  We found out they have something similar here in Dayton, OH called the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.  Today Daddy and I went to check it out.  They even have a reciprocal agreement with the Omniplex, so it was free!

It did have a lot of fun things to do.  Some great big twisty slides that I decided to go down headfirst!

They have an inside "zoo" area with lots of different type of animals.  I got to pet a starfish in the tidal pool area, and got to see the staff feed it mussels.  Pretty neat!

I loved watching the meerkats.  They were running all over the place and playing.  Daddy loves how he can see my reflection in the window as I point at the meerkat.

They have a tall tower in the center that has lots of slides, rope ladders, and climbing tubes.  The first time I went up these ropes, I needed Daddy's help.  But after that it was no problem, as I showed him by going up the ropes and down the slides over and over again!

They had a huge Burmese Python, about 18 feet long!  We stayed a while and watched because it was actually molting and shedding its skin.  It was really fascinating to watch, and I asked Daddy a lot of questions about what it was doing, which Daddy could answer most of!  You can see the old skin at the very bottom of the picture.

We were there for a few hours, and I had a great time.  I think we'll be going back again soon!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Last night I got to stay up super late.  We played a bunch of games - Candy Land, Trouble, and Chutes and Ladders, and then watched some of the movie Cinderella.  But about 9:00 I was pretty tired, so I went to bed.  I even slept through all the fireworks that were set off at midnight.  I was pretty tired after all that running around and riding bikes yesterday.

Today I decided to try out my new puzzle that Grandma and Grandpa Roslewski got me.  I did it almost all by myself, with only a little help from Daddy!

Happy 2011!