Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is finally here, and I was so excited!  I did sleep in pretty well, which made Mommy and Daddy very happy.  But when I came in their room I was ready to go downstairs and see what Santa brought!  I got my Santa hat and headed on down.

Look, Santa ate the brownie!  But I said he must be a sloppy eater because he left some crumbs behind.  Mommy and Daddy said he was probably just in a hurry to get to another kid's house.

The very first present I wanted to open was the one from Santa. I knew right away exactly which one it was, because I had looked at all the other presents so much the last few days and weeks that I knew which ones had been there last night.  When I opened it up, it was a pillow pet, the unicorn one I wanted just like Shobhana's!  That's what I asked Santa for last week, and he remembered! 

Later I opened another pillow pet, this one was a ladybug from Mommy and Daddy, so I was super excited that I now have two!  That means I can have one at school for naptime and one at home too.

I got a lot of other nice presents as well.  Here is a fun doggy purse from Grandma Bunny.

And I got a Christmas Barbie doll from Grandma and Papa Roslewski.  I could see what it was as I started to open the package!

I got some super cozy pajamas from Mommy.

Daddy gave me a great picture frame that says "Daddy's Little Girl" and has a cute picture of him holding me in my Snow White dress.  I love this picture and had him hang it up next to my bed so I could always see it!

I also gave him a picture frame so he could take it into work.  It says "My heart belongs to Daddy" and has a picture from all the way back on his birthday last year where I'm giving him a big hug but can't quite get my eyes off the giant chocolate cake we're going to have!

I really had a great time opening up presents!  I even slowed down a little so that Mommy and Daddy could open theirs, too.  I really liked picking up the presents and bringing them to the right person.  Since I can read their names on the presents now, it was easy!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fun Saturday and Christmas Eve!

Today was a really fun day with Mommy and Daddy.  They had bought an XBox Kinect figuring it would see a lot of use and give us some exercise during the cold Ohio winter.  So today Daddy finally set it up!  I really learned fast how to play the games by moving my hands and feet and jumping around.  A lot!  Mommy is feeling really sick, so she didn't play, but Daddy sure did, and worked up a sweat too.  We had a fun time riding down rapids together, racing each other and getting worn out.  I jumped almost non stop!  Poor Daddy, he even twisted his back during one of the games!

We went to Sam's Club next, and I got to see Santa again.  There was no line this time either, so I got to sit in his sleigh and talk with him for a long time.  I told him some secrets again, and when Daddy told me it was time to go, I walked a little bit away, turned around and with a big smile on my face, waved and yelled "Goodbye, Santa!"  He waved back and I looked like the happiest girl ever!  Daddy thought it was absolutely adorable, and got a little choked up when he thought of how fast I'm growing up.

After dinner Daddy played some Christmas carols on the piano, and then we read "Twas the Night Before Christmas".  It was almost time to go to bed, but there was one last thing we needed to do first - put something out for Santa!  Think he'll like a little brownie?  I bet he will!

I got in bed and let Mommy and Daddy know that I was going to fall asleep right away - and to prove it, I started snoring right after they got done giving me hugs and kisses.  I want Santa to come - I am so excited!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Counting the days until Christmas, almost there!

Ever since December 1st I have been reliably moving the candy cane on my calendar forward one day at a time, getting ever closer to Christmas.  Every morning it's the first thing I do when I come down the stairs.  I definitely don't need Mommy or Daddy to remind me of this duty!

I am so excited it's almost Christmas, it's all I've been talking about for weeks!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Picture with Santa!

I got my picture taken with Santa tonight!  He was at Sam's Club and there was no line, so I even got to talk with him for a long time.  I told him what I want for Christmas, but when Daddy asked what I told Santa, I said, "I can't tell you, it's a SECRET!"  Only Santa and I know what it is!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas songs

We have learned that I have a really good memory for song lyrics, and I LOVE to sing!  Since it's Christmas time, I had Daddy sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" a few times.  Then later, he found me singing it to myself, with only a few mistakes.  He was pretty amazed!

I also have had a lot of fun learning some new "color" songs at school.  I've been coming home with a new song practically every day this week.

My favorite one has to be "Pink", to the tune of "Jingle Bells":


I like to substitute "Love Hearts" for "Valentines".  I told Mommy and Daddy it's because I love them so much!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saw the Dentist today!

I got to see the dentist again today, since it has been almost 6 months since my last checkup.  Daddy picked me up from school before lunch and we headed on down there.  The hygenist was very nice and she showed me all the different tools she was going to use and explained everything before she did it.  Daddy even learned some things!  I was really great as she checked and cleaned my teeth.

When the dentist came in, he was very nice just like last time.  He took a good look at the two grown-up teeth that I have now, and then found 4 more teeth that are a little bit loose!  He didn't think they'd be falling out before Christmas, but it does look like the tooth fairy will be pretty busy in the next few months.

I also got my first x-rays, and I did great holding the bite-wings in place.  I was very interested to see what my teeth looked like.  You can even see my 6-year molars in the back, they just haven't poked up through the gum line yet!

When we finished with the dentist, it was time for lunch, so we met Mommy at Logan's Roadhouse and I got to show her my shiny clean teeth and my x-rays.  It was a good day!

Monday, December 12, 2011

New books from Grandma!

I got a package from Grandma Roslewski today!  And she said I was "most definitely" allowed to open it immediately, not to wait until Christmas!  When I did, I saw it was three books that Daddy loved when he was my age - "The Monster At The End Of This Book", "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", and "Frosty the Snowman".  Of course, right away I wanted Daddy to read them all to me.  So he did, and I loved it!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shobhana's birthday party

Today Shobhana invited us over for her 4th birthday party, and we went to "Bounce U", a fun place full of bounce houses!  It's a pretty sad day, too, because this is the last time I'll see Shobhana before she moves to New York.  Her and her mom will be moving there so they can finally be with her dad.  I know how much I missed Daddy when he was gone last week, so I'm happy that Shobhana is going to get to live with him, but I'm still sad to see her go.  She and I have been great friends and always played a lot together at preschool.

We got there a little early and had to wait a few minutes, but that was okay because we got to play on the toys in the front!  I took Shobhana on a little drive.

When they let us into the play area, it was reserved just for us!  There were only about 15 kids at the party, so we got to do everythign over and over again.  I really liked the slides!

I got to play with my friend Avery a lot too.

And do you know what was even more fun?  Almost all of the inflatables there were made extra strong so that adults could go on them too.  Which meant that Daddy could play with me!  Mommy couldn't do much playing because of her shoulder, but she did try a litte.

We had a great time playing, and then it was time for dinner (pizza), birthday cake and presents!  Too soon it was over, and I gave Shobhana a big hug before we left.  I'll miss her!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mommy's birthday!

Daddy and I let Mommy sleep in late today, since it's her birthday!  Then when she woke up we got to sing to her, too. 

Grandma and Papa Roslewski had sent a package to Mommy, with Grandma instructing me that I was NOT to let Mommy open her presents until her birthday.  I was really good about that, and reminded Mommy often!  When she did open it, in addition to her presents, there were some Christmas decorations that Daddy had made when he was a kid.  I decided to hang them right up on the tree!

That afternoon, we had lots of friends over, and that meant lots of kids!  Zoe and Mia, Alex and Tori were there, and Shobhana came later.  We got to play a lot and even decorated some cookies!

When it came time for the dessert, I was very excited.  Instead of the "big chocolate cake" that we usually get for Mommy's birthday, she saw a sale at Cold Stone and we had ice cream pies!  We put one candle in each one and I helped her blow them out.   

We sure had a great day and too soon, it was time for everybody to leave.  Earlier, I had helped Daddy put out luminaires so our guests could see where to walk.  I think they looked super pretty!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mommy got to open her presents early

Mommy's birthday may not be until tomorrow, but Daddy and I couldn't wait to give her her presents.  We tried to wait until tomorrow, but just were too excited (especially Daddy)!

So today when she got home from work, we decided to let her open them up.  I gave her a Christmas ornament with a picture of me in it.  She really liked it!

Daddy had been really sneaky and took her car to work yesterday.  He got a coworker to help him, and dropped the car off to get a remote starter installed so Mommy could be warmer this winter.  Mommy had no idea, and was super surprised!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Movie with Shobhana

Today is my best friend Shobhana's birthday, she is 4 today, just like me!  She's having a party on Sunday, but today I got to go to a movie with her and her mom.  Daddy and Mommy got to have a date by themselves!  Daddy took me straight to the movie after school and we had a great time.  I even got to have popcorn and a drink!  We watched a silly movie about dancing penguins called "Happy Feet 2".  I didn't really watch much of it, but Shobhana and I had a great time anyway.

When we got back home, I had a present to give to Shobhana.  I helped her unwrap it right away!

I gave her some nail polish, sparkly headbands and a watch that helps you learn to tell time.  The fun part was, I got the same headbands and watch, so we could wear the same things!

She had to leave right afterward, as it was getting pretty late.  I was sad to see he go, but we sure had a fun time tonight!

When Daddy came to bed, he came in to give me a kiss like he always does.  He found me cuddled up with his teddy bear and thought it was super cute!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Daddy's home!

Daddy came home tonight!  He came up to the front door and rang the doorbell.  I was with Mommy in the kitchen, and when I heard the bell I looked at the front door and saw Daddy looking through the window.  I yelled "Daddy!" and ran as fast as I could with a big smile on my face to open the door for him.  I jumped in his arms and gave him a big hug.  I am so happy he's home!

He said that if it's nice tomorrow, he'll put up some Christmas lights outside, and I can help!