Friday, July 23, 2010

More Piper-isms

(After seeing someone standing in the street) "You don't stand in the street or you'll get squished!  By a car, or a bus, or a truck, or a van, or a tractor..."

(Driving by the Moore High School) "When I be older I can go to high school.  Probably when I am 4 I can go to the high school with Mommy and Daddy!"

(Usually when I'm putting on my shirt and it gets stuck on my head) "Daddy, I'm having problems here!"

I also continue to amaze Mommy and Daddy with my memory.  Earlier this week Daddy mentioned Hawaii.  I said that "I have been in Hawaii!  And Alex was there, and we were dancing silly!"  Of course, that was over a year ago, when I was just 22 months old.  And we did dance silly!

Daddy told me that I'd be going to visit Grandma and Papa this weekend, and am going to stay for a week.  He told me that they have a new house now, and we hadn't seen it yet.  I corrected him by saying "I have seen it, when it was super muddy!"  Yes, two months ago, the last time I visited Grandma and Papa, they took me by their new house when it was still under construction, and it was muddy.  I remembered!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's hot!

It has been really hot for the last week, and today was no different.  With temperatures a little over a hundred and the heat index a few degrees higher than that, neither of us wanted to go outside today.  So we stayed in and played.  When Daddy got out of the shower, he found out I had lined up my water balloons.  I've always been very organized!  Later I separated out all the pink balloons and kept them apart from the others.  Then Daddy found me playing with the balloons in their big bed!

For a snack this afternoon I had some peanut butter crackers.  I sure did make a mess!

After he took that photo, I asked Daddy I could do one with a "sad" face.  So out came my "boo-boo" lip.

I was having fun being silly!  We also ate some of the cookies that Mommy and I made last week. We had made some into cupcakes, which I started calling chocolate-chip muffins. So Daddy and I had some "muffins" today too!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shawnee, OK

This morning we flew over to Shawnee, OK (a really short flight but it had been a while since either Daddy or I had gone flying, so he wanted to fly anyway) for a local fly-in/aviation day put on by the city.

I wore my "Humu-humu" shirt that we got in Hawaii last year.  It still fits!  (It was pretty big last year.)  But what amazed Daddy was when I saw it, I said that "I have been in Hawaii, and Alex was there, and we danced silly!"  It has been 15 months since we were there, and I was only 22 months old at the time, and yet I remember it.  Mommy and Daddy are pretty amazed at my memory.

On the way there I was counting in Spanish.  I'm getting pretty good at it!  I made it all the way up to nine, and Daddy asked what came next.  I said I didn't know, so he told me "diez" and asked me if I could say "diez".  I responded very adamantly with "I don't know how to say 'diez'!"  He had a good laugh!

We landed and parked the airplane, and immediately on getting out I forgot all about this being about airplanes.  Much more importantly, they had a Moon Bounce set up!  I of course asked if I could go on it, but Daddy said we had to look at some airplanes first.  So after we looked at an airplane, I asked again.  And after the next airplane, I asked again.  After doing this three times Daddy decided to have a little chat with me, reminding me that yes we would go on the Moonbounce, but not if I kept asking, and guess what - I didn't ask again!

They did have some neat airplanes there, a WWII B-26, the FAA's DC-3, and even some helicopters.  There was a helicopter there giving rides, and it turned out the pilot was Daddy's helicopter instructor last year, so we got to say hi up close.  No we didn't go for a ride, but I wanted to! 

I told Daddy I thought the Army helicopter was "boring" looking, and I liked the other helicopters better.  Why?  They were painted in brighter colors!  Of course I had to hop in the NewsChannel 4 helicopter.

After what seemed like forever, Daddy finally asked me if I still wanted to go in the Moonbounce.  Of course!  Here is a silly picture of me trying to get the camera from Daddy.

Right next to the Moonbounce was a fire truck, and I got to drive it a little bit.  Look, my feet even reach the pedals!  I did want to know one thing about the fire truck, though, and Daddy said I needed to ask the fireman who was there.  What was my big question that I needed to know?  "Where does the gas go in?"  Yep, that was it!

Fortunately we left before the real heat of the day, but it was still plenty hot when we got back around 11.  We did some shopping and even got me some new socks, that are shorter than the ones I've been wearing.  I like them a lot!  In fact, Daddy caught me "hiding" under his bed sheets with the open bag of new socks.  When he asked me what I was doing, I said "cuddling with my new socks!"  Daddy thinks I'm silly sometimes!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A day of firsts

Today was a great day of "firsts"!  But first, a little hiding on the bed with Daddy...

I hope Mommy doesn't find us!

I've been doing really well with not swallowing my toothpaste when I'm brushing, so today I got to use "big girl" toothpaste for the first time.  I did great, and Mommy and Daddy were very proud of me!  (However, I did comment that I didn't like the toothpaste as much as the other one I had been using.)

Then, we went to the movie theater, and saw "Toy Story 3".  This was my first time at a movie theater, and I did great!  I was mostly quiet the whole time, sitting there and paying attention to the movie.  I did make a few comments out loud, though, like "Hey, he's a tortilla!" and "They're dancing silly!" I was having a great time!

Since we had to take Mommy to the airport today to head back to Indiana, Daddy decided to take us by his work.  I've never been there, and although he talks about me a lot, none of his coworkers have met me.  So this was another first for me!  I met some very nice people who were very excited to finally get to meet me, and I was as cute as I could be.

But then, all the fun was over and we had to take Mommy to the airport.  We sure had fun this weekend, Mommy, thanks for coming home!  We've only got about a month left until she's home for good!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Froggy Bouncy-Bounce place!

We had planned to go to the water park today, but it was raining.  So instead we went to the bouncy-bounce place that I last went to on my birthday.  I had a great time again, and ran around until I wore myself out and told Mommy I wanted to go leave.  So we went to eat lunch and then a few stores on the way home.  I was really tired, though, and sure enough on the way home I fell asleep.  Daddy got me out of the car and I took a nap right next to him for a while. 

I woke up just a little, rolled over, and realized Mommy was on the other side!  It has been a long time since I've been able to cuddle up with Mommy, so I was quite happy sleeping right there for a nice long nap!

I sure was worn out!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fun day around the house

We mostly stayed inside today, since it was really hot and humid, but we still had a good time.  Mommy read a lot of books to me, and I played a lot with both Mommy and Daddy.  Especially Mommy!  I wanted HER to be the one to help me when I needed it, not Daddy!

After I woke up, I went into their room and we got to play on the bed.  I got to play horsey with Daddy! 

Of course, when I do this I risk Daddy dumping me off on the bed and giving me raspberries!

Later in the day I got to do something I've been talking about since my birthday a month ago - riding my bicycle with Mommy AND Daddy.  Of course I've become a lot better in the last month since Daddy and I go riding almost every day, so I wanted to show Mommy my new skills.  And did I ever!  She didn't know I could go so fast!

We even had to ride super fast through a sprinkler.  I got a little wet, but it'll dry!

Another great day with Mommy.  I love having her home!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mommy's home to visit again!

Mommy's home again!  Daddy and I picked her up from the airport this morning and I was very happy to see her!

I slowed down from a run to a walk at the end because Daddy showed me how I couldn't go any further or alarms would go off.  But I was very excited!

It was still pretty early in the morning, not even lunch time, so we went to the park to play and show Mommy how big a girl I have become.  Then we went out to lunch!

Mommy and I went out grocery shopping too.  Mommy had invited her friend Mr. Duaine over for dinner and needed to get some things to make it with.  Of course it didn't hurt that Daddy coincidentally hadn't gone grocery shopping this week, so we needed some basics too!  Daddy stayed at home and did a lot of yardwork.  I was a good girl at dinner, and once Mr Duaine left, Mommy got to read some books to me before my shower!  I also showed her what a big girl I am now in the shower, and it was fun to have Mommy dry me off and even braid my hair.  Daddy doesn't do that!  What a great day, I am so glad Mommy's back.  She has to leave on Tuesday, back to Indiana, but we're going to have a good time until then!

Monday, July 5, 2010

"I don't need a nap, Daddy!"

About ten minutes after telling Daddy that I didn't need a nap, here's where he found me!

Daddy was surprised because I slept in really late (for me - until about 8:30) since I was up so late last night.  But we went to get new tires for the truck this morning, and as we were waiting we walked around to some of the local stores (including a pet store where I got to pet some doggies).  All the walking must have worn me out.  We also stopped at Braum's for lunch and I convinced Daddy that he should get me an ice cream cone - mint chocolate chip!  I then helped him outside doing some work on the gutters.  So even with all the sleep last night, I still needed a nap today.  He picked me up from the table and laid me down next to him on the big bed, where I immediately fell back asleep.  It was pretty late, though, so he didn't let me get a real long nap!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

It was still raining off and on today, so we stayed inside most of the day, but we still had fun.  For dinner we went over to our neighbors Jim and Karel Webb's house, as they were having a little party for some of their friends and neighbors.  I was sure the star of the party and played it up by acting as cute as I know how.  I was dressed in my patriotic best!

After dinner we were planning to go to the park where the Moore city fireworks display is held at, but it was canceled because of the bad weather.  So we walked back home, but then I noticed that people were setting off fireworks all around us!  Fireworks are illegal in Moore, which of course means that everybody has them, so we got a good show.  When our neighbors a couple houses down started setting theirs off, we had a real close-up view!  Daddy thought I'd be scared like with thunder and lightning, but I surprised him by giggling and saying how "beautiful" the fireworks were.  Especially when our neighbors started setting theirs off, my jaw dropped open and stayed that way almost for the rest of the time as I swung my head back and forth to see all the displays.  I thought it was great!

But it was pretty late, and I actually told Daddy "I want to go back inside.  I'm tired."  Well, that's pretty rare, so we went back inside and I managed to fall asleep even with all the loud noises all around us.  I really was tired!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back to the Omniplex

It has been a long time since we went to the Omniplex, but today was the perfect day, since it has been raining off and on all day.  They had some new displays, and I even got to see a science show!  Daddy wasn't sure if I was going to like it, because it had some explosions, but it was really a lot of fun.  Some kids even got to go up and help!  I started to get up once to run down to the stage, but Daddy said first they had to pick me to help.  Oops!  They show was pretty neat, and they did have a lot of explosions, so I kept my ears covered practically the whole time.  But I didn't ask to leave, which Daddy took as a good sign.  He was happy because he really wanted to see the show too!

Here I am with a boy who wanted to be in the picture too.  I like this place!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I ask a lot of questions

I've been into the "why" phase for a few weeks now, keeping asking "why" even after Daddy's already answered the question.  I know what I'm doing too, because I start giggling after about the third "why".  Well, this week I finally admitted it.  In the car, I simply said:

"Daddy, I ask a lot of 'why why' questions!"

He made sure to tell me that I sure do!