Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've been talking about it for months, and today the big day finally arrived - my first day of Kindergarten!  I was pretty excited about it, and Mommy and Daddy were too, though they kept saying how they can't believe I'm starting Kindergarten already!  We woke up a little earlier than normal just to make sure I got to the bus stop on time, but everything went quickly and we had lots of time to spare!  I decided to wear a pretty outfit for my first day.
We got lots of pictures of me with Daddy and Mommy.  Look at how big my smile is - I'm so excited!

I started to walk to the bus stop with Mommy, and we turned around and gave Daddy a big wave.

Then Daddy took over and walked me the rest of the way.  Silly Mommy and Daddy, we only had to walk down the sidewalk two houses!

I'm ready for the bus!  (And sticking one leg out in one of my poses.)

But wait, the bus pulled up on the other side of the street!  The bus driver called out the window - "Kindergarten?"  How'd he know? He told us we were on the wrong side of the street!  We walked on over and he opened the door for me, since I'm the only one at this stop.  When I stepped up into the bus, he told me to turn around and give Mommy and Daddy a big wave.  So I did!

And away I went...

We made a few other stops, and when I got to the school, silly Mommy and Daddy were waiting for me to get off the bus!  They drove and beat the bus there, wanting to see me walk into school on my first day.  They weren't the only parents, though.  I got off the bus and followed the blue line to the door of the school.  Since Daddy and I had already come for the open house, I knew where my room was, and headed down the hallway right to it.
What big adventure awaits me inside?  I can't wait to find out!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Finally - a new front tooth!

One of my front teeth is finally coming in, and I love to show it off.  And I'm getting really good at doing cute poses when Daddy tries to take a picture!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

We got a globe!

Yesterday Mommy and I were out shopping.  We saw a globe, and I said to Mommy, "We should get this for Daddy!"  She thought this was really pretty funny since she has been looking for a couple of years for a globe for Daddy and me, but couldn't find one she liked.  And there I was, wanting to get one too!  So we got it and came home and surprised Daddy.
He taught me all kinds of interesting things about the different countries and continents.  He told me that what he liked to do as a kid was spin the globe with his finger on it, and wherever it stopped, where he was pointing to was where he was going to go!  So we did that a lot.  He always seemed to end up in the ocean, while I usually ended up somewhere in Africa!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mommy's home!

Daddy and I are very happy - Mommy came home today!  Daddy picked me up early so we could get to the airport and meet her as she walked toward the baggage claim area.  I ran right up to her and gave her a big hug - I sure missed her a lot and am very glad she's back home!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

We went on a canoe trip!

Daddy and I went canoeing today down the Little Miami River!  There is an outfit that takes you in a shuttle bus upstream a few miles and then you float back down to where you started.  We opted for the shortest route, whihc took about two hours.  I had been talking about it almost nonstop since this past Friday when Daddy asked me if I wanted to go.  I was super excited, and I wasn't disappointed!  It was a lot of fun and I want to do it again, hopefully with Mommy!

Here were are at the beginning, before the shuttle bus ride.  Ready to go!

I tried to help paddle as much as I could, and did a great job of alerting Daddy to any big logs coming up.

Of course, I did have to take some time to dip my toes in the water!

When he first asked me if I wanted to go, I told him we would need to bring some M&Ms.  This is because I remember the last time we went canoeing, Mommy snuck aboard some M&Ms for Daddy and me to share.  What amazed Daddy was that the last time we went canoeing was May 31st, 2010, over two years ago, when we visited Mommy in Wisconsin!  So, sure enough, we brought along some M&Ms and had a little snack.

It was a great day with Daddy.  The only thing that would have made it even better is if Mommy had been there too!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kindergarten open house!

To add to the emotional day I was already having with it being my last at preschool, today was also an open house at my new Kindergarten.  Daddy picked me up right before lunchtime and we went down.  We got to see my new room (with fun zebra stripes on the door), the cafeteria (where I'll have to choose my own food and pay using a PIN!), the gymnasium, the auditorium, the library, and the playground.  It does look really fun, and I am still excited about going, but my excitement has been offset by my sadness about leaving my old preschool.  But I think I'll get right into it once school starts!

Last day at the Wright Field North CDC

Today was my last day at the Wright Field North Child Development Center on the base.  It was a pretty emotional day for me, and for Daddy too.  Daddy very clearly remembers the first day he brought me here.  When we arrived in Ohio in December 2010, it took him a little while to find a job, so for a month or so it was just me and him at home all day long.  We had a great time together, so when he walked me down the hallway to my new day care class, room A-14, he knew it was the end of that special time we had.  He can remember it like it was yesterday.

And now, it's my last day there.  Nineteen months, all in room A-14, going from being one of the youngest kids in my class at age three to a wise and mature age five.  That's the longest I've ever been in one spot, and everybody in the center knew me!  Although a few of the teachers rotated in and out, there were two that were there almost the whole time.  I'm going to miss them a bunch!

Daddy and I had our silly routines.  When he dropped me off, he would always race me from the door to the window (all of about 10 feet) with an "Olympic Style" start, and I always managed to beat him.  (Except for a few times he claimed it was a tie.)  I'd always manage to get at least one rematch out of him before he'd have to leave and go to work.  When he picked me up I usually wanted him to spin me around the corners in the hallway.  And I always wanted to stop by and see Ava.  Ava was an infant who I got to know by visiting the infant room about once a week.  They let me play with the babies, and Ava and I got along really well.  When she turned 1 and moved up into the pre-toddler room, I kept checking on her, looking through the window every day.  Usually got a big smile out of her too!

Sometime around age 4 and a half, I had seen Daddy sign me in on the computer so many times that I wanted to try it myself.  He showed me how, and by now he doesn't even pay attention while I do it all myself!

This was my cubby for the whole time I was there. It usually was filled with drawings, "flowers" to bring home to Mommy, or other crafts we'd do during the day.

Daddy has no idea when this happened!  We used to be outside playing every day when he'd come pick me up, but then between the hot summer weather and a schedule change for recess, he hadn't seen me do the monkeybars in a while.  Today I showed him that I can touch the ground with my toes now!  I sure am growing!

This is where I spent many minutes hiding from the big hairy Daddy monster!  I knew he couldn't get me in the tunnel, unless he was really really hungry to eat kids.  Sometimes I'd have 4 of my friends stuffed in there with me so we could all escape!

I'd often taunt the big hairy Daddy monster from this side, while he was standing where he is now.  I knew he couldn't get around to me quick enough before I'd dive through the tunnel and get away!

We each had our assigned nap time areas.  This was mine.  I really didn't nap much, but sometimes would sit there quietly with a book.  This last week I figured out how to make a tent fort somehow, and was very proud to tell Daddy all about my engineering!

Although it was a pretty emotional day for me, when it was time to leave I didn't actually cry one bit!  I did my normal routine, which was run down the hallway until Daddy told me to "slow down!", which didn't take very long, hide in a doorway, and check for Ava of course.  But I do love to pose!

My head teacher for most of the time I was there, Ms. Carole, surprised me with a going away gift!  She had put together a bunch of pictures she took of me doing various activities, including writeups on my progress through the months, into a photo album.  It was super nice and Daddy and I had a lot of fun going through it!

It has been a great time, and Daddy is very much going to miss having me right across the street from his office. But I can't stop growing up, I get to move up to Kindergarten now!

I'm sure going to miss my preschool!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Making going-away cards for my teachers

Since it's my last week at my preschool, I wanted to make thank you cards for my teachers.  I had great fun doing it, and they really turned out well!

I definitely wanted to put lots of flowers and rainbows on them.

And handprints!

I made three of them for my three regular teachers, each of them a little different.

I really liked adding the swirlies in the handprints!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mommy is back in Phoenix with Grandma Bunny

Mommy's Mommy, Grandma Bunny, had to go in to the hospital over the weekend to have some pretty major surgery.  Due to several other health issues complicating things, Mommy headed out to Phoenix today to be with her and the rest of her family. 

The surgery went well and Grandma is recovering.  Mommy is staying there for about 10 days to help take care of things for the future.

I will miss Mommy, but I am glad that she is able to be with her Mommy.  I know that if Mommy was super sick, I'd want to be right there with her too!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Open House at Rainbow Child Care

I'm about to start my last week at the Wright Field North Child Development Center ("Day care") where I have been since we arrived in Ohio.  I'm pretty sad about leaving my teachers and my friends (at least the ones that haven't already moved on), but they do not offer school-age care so I'll need to go to a different, off-base, after-school care facility - the "Rainbow"!  I am very excited about going to a new place, and today they were having an open house so I got to check out all the fun stuff they have (like an indoor gym)! 

Daddy got the camera, and any more when I see him with the camera, I have to get him to take a picture.  I love to pose and show off my missing teeth!

We had gone to the Rainbow Child Care Center when it was brand-new several months ago - the playground was still just dirt!  But now it's open and looks like there will be a lot of fun things to learn and do.  I discovered this astronaut's uniform in the "school-age" room right away and put it right on. 

I also got to meet my teacher, Miss Alicia, and some of the other people that work there.  They all seemed very nice, I'm sure I'll love it once I get there.  I will be splitting my time between Kindergarten and the Rainbow, so I will have lots of new friends! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Playing Stratego with Daddy

Daddy and I played a new game today called "Stratego".  He and Uncle Randy used to play this growing up (Daddy admits that Uncle Randy almost always beat him).  He borrowed it from Uncle Randy and I really wanted to give it a try, so Daddy taught me how to play.  He didn't think I'd make it through a whole game, but I sure did!  It took about 45 minutes and I never lost interest.  In fact, I wanted to play it again right away, but it was time for bed by then.  I was really starting to get the hang of it!  I impressed Daddy by coming up with my own strategy for placing my bombs and flag - most of the bombs around the flag in the corner of the board, but then a few bombs elsewhere to make him THINK the flag was there.  Pretty good!  Daddy did win this time, but I know I'll get him back soon. 

When he looked back at the box, he noticed it's for ages 10 and up.  He was really proud of me then! 

Uncle Randy's here!

Daddy's brother, Uncle Randy, just moved from California to Cincinatti!  He drove in last night, and Daddy helped him move into his apartment this morning.  I didn't get to go, but I can't wait to see Uncle Randy again.  I've been telling Daddy how much fun it will be now that his brother is close by.  He tells me this is the first time in 20 years that they've been close enough for day trips to see each other, so he is very excited too!  He's less than an hour away!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Home Depot Kid's Workshop

Today Daddy and I went back to the Home Depot Kid's Workshop!  I had missed the last two monthly workshops, but we could make it this time and I was very excited to build something else and get another pin for my apron.  This project this time was a bulletin board.

Last time Daddy ended up doing most of the hammering, because I wasn't very good at it.  But this time I did it all myself!  He did help me hold the nails at first, and I didn't hit his fingers too much.  We decided to hammer on the floor where I could get a better angle.

I did so great at hammering, and Daddy was super proud of me!

They didn't have any paint there today, but we have lots at home, so I plan to paint the frame pink and purple.  It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to go back next time!