Sunday, February 28, 2010


With Mommy leaving on Tuesday, we wanted to spend time doing fun things together.  Well, if you ask me, there are few places more fun than the Omniplex!  But first we did a little shopping.  I got to sit on "tractors" (riding lawnmowers) at Lowe's, and picked out one each for Mommy and Daddy too!  We went to Petsmart and I got to pet some doggies.  I was especially excited about seeing the snake hiding under the rock, at least I sure was talking about it a lot!  We saw birds too, and Mommy got one of them to "dance" with her.  I also liked the hamsters and gerbils.  They were fun to watch.  And then, of course, we headed up to the Omniplex.  What a day!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grandma and Papa visit

Grandma and Papa wanted to come down before Mommy went out of town, so today was the day. And boy did we have fun! There were a lot of great pictures, too!

I was so happy to see them I ran right over to Grandma when I saw their car. I'm so excited my feet aren't even on the ground!

We went to the park since it was such a nice day (especially after all the cold weather we've been having).  I got to show off my new skills (and scare Mommy some in the process).  Look, Daddy isn't even holding on to me!

Grandma and I sure got swinging high, and I'm having a ball!

It's just like the fire pole at the Omniplex (excpet a little higher).

I had to show off how flexible I am!  Yes, this was on purpose and I did it several times.

I got Daddy to go down the slide next to me.  He didn't know you're supposed to stop before falling off the bottom!

I walked on the same wall we had a video of a few months ago, and surprisingly said most of the same things I did then!

Mommy, Daddy, and I got a rare photo together on the way back.

We went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, and I sat right between Grandma and Papa.  I ate pretty well, and was a great girl.  Mommy and Daddy think I was just showing off!

I got a couple of new shirts from Grandma and got to play with Shadow too.  It was a great day!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mommy's going to Mister-sippi

Daddy and Mommy sat me down for a very serious conversation this evening.  They told me that on Tuesday, Mommy will be going away for a while for the Air Force.  Like she's done in the past, but for much longer - 6 months.  She'll first be going to Mississippi.  They said that Daddy is really going to need me to be a big girl and help out a lot around the house.  The good thing is that since she'll be in the U.S., we'll be able to see her!

Daddy showed me where Mississippi is on the map, and I noticed it's right next to Louisiana, which I already knew how to pronounce.  I'm still working on Mississippi, though - it comes out as "Mister-sippi"!  Daddy tried to correct me once, saying it's pronounced "Misses - sippi", but I quickly corrected him!

This is why Mommy's been spending so much time with me lately.  It has been really nice!  I know we'll miss her, and can't wait to go see her.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dinner with Mr. Ross

Tonight we picked up Mister Ross to go have dinner with him.  We went to Texas Roadhouse, which Mommy, Daddy and Mr. Ross really like.  Tonight I found out I really, really like their rolls, and had 3 before Mommy and Daddy even noticed!  Needless to say, I didn't eat the chicken tenders they ordered for me (Daddy will have those for lunch), but I did eat a lot of Mommy's broccoli.  Yum!

I was a little shy towards Mr. Ross at first, but by the end of the night I was my usual friendly self.  He even gave me a little toy that I liked at his house (it's a little bendable alien - I'm weird!)

It sure was a fun evening!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I kiss you if you get scared"

Yesterday and today, after getting home, I've really taken to jumping on the bed. Daddy and I have a great time scaring Mommy! But since I don't want Mommy to be scared, I keep telling her "I kiss you if you get scared!" Then Daddy and I will do something to scare her anyway. So I'll offer to kiss her again. I think it really helps Mommy feel better!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy got me a new hat!

I had a great first full day at my new school today.  Daddy picked me up, and we went home and all of us played on the bed, bouncing and wrestling and having a great time.

Then Mommy showed me all these new clothes she bought me.  She did a big shopping trip so I'd be set for the whole summer.  (And Daddy won't have to go clothes shopping.)  Of course, out of all the clothes, I took to this new hat right away.  I kept mentioning how I'd need it to keep rain off my head!

Daddy and I were having a lot of fun playing on the bed.  He was trying to figure out what I was doing climbing up on him like this.  Silly Daddy, don't you remember the "Piglet and Papa" book?  Piglet sits on her Papa's head!

Of course, the next thing she does is bounce on her Papa's belly, so I had to do that too.  Daddy put a stop to that pretty quickly!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bye-bye Auntie Charlie!

Auntie Charlie and Miss Sharon left this morning and took Pitch with them.  I made sure to get in lots of goodbye hugs (with Pitch too)!  I liked having them around for a couple of days and hope I get to see them again soon.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spent the day with Mommy, Auntie Charlie, and Miss Sharon

This morning, Mommy took me to my new "school" I'm going to attend while she's gone.  I was only there for a few hours, just to see how I liked it.  I liked it!  Mommy picked me up at lunch and us four ladies spent the rest of the day together.  We went to Sooper Salad to eat lunch (and I had a ton of canteloupe and honeydew), went to some craft stores, and book stores.  I loved it all!

Miss Sharon was really sneaky and bought me a stuffed bunny rabbit and a fun book with moving pictures in it (waddling penguins, jumping frogs, and a scary alligator at the end!)  She surprised me with it when we got home.  I got to cuddle up to her tonight.

Thanks Miss Sharon!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Auntie" Charlie is here!

Today Mommy and I went to the airport to pick up "Auntie" Charlie.  She just got back from Afghanistan and we watched her cats while she was gone.  Her mom drove out here from New Mexico and they'll drive back to Maryland together with Pitch.  Auntie Charlie is one of Mommy's best friends, but we haven't actually met, so I was excited to finally get the chance.

Of course you know how I love airports, so we didn't just pick her up at the curb.  No, there is too much fun to be had inside like going up and down escalators and seeing the big jets!

We got home and had a good time with Auntie Charlie and her mom, Miss Sharon.  I always like meeting new people, and this was no different.  Poor Daddy, when he came home from work, he found he was outnumbered 4 girls to 1! 

I was really excited when Auntie Charlie said she brought me some gifts from Afghanistan.  These were little tiny "Piper-sized" jewelry boxes.  I started to think about what I might be able to put in them.  M & M's maybe?

She also got us some really nice cashmere scarves.  Daddy thinks this is pretty cool, since Afghanistan borders the Kashmir region of Pakistan and India, that's pretty authentic!  And since it's also a great Led Zeppelin song, even better!  (I have no idea what Daddy is talking about, but he's having fun anyway...) 

At dinner, I had everybody else rolling with laughter.  I'm pretty sneaky sometimes!  I had eaten a lot for dinner, and so I got to have a treat.  I wanted a mini Kit Kat bar.  Daddy, of course, felt he deserved a treat too, and opened up a mini Hershey's bar.  Of course I needed help opening mine, so I asked him for help.  He set his down and started working on mine.  How surprised was he when he went to hand mine back and realized I had snuck in and grabbed his when he wasn't looking!!  I'm pretty sneaky!  They really had a good laugh at me, but I got an extra bite of treat!

Auntie Charlie and Miss Sharon are going to stay with us until Saturday, when they'll head on home, so I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To the vet with Little Girl

As I already mentioned, Mommy has been spending the whole week with me. It’s been great getting all this “Mommy and Me” time. With all the extra time Mommy has been spending at home, she noticed that Little Girl wasn’t eating much and was moving much more slowly than usual. So Mommy and I went to the veterinarian’s office to have Little Girl checked out.

I had a great time at the office. There was a kitty there named Simone who climbed right on my lap and let me pet her a lot. I even got to pet several doggies, but not all of them. For some reason, every dog seemed to be really nervous to be there. I had the most fun “helping” the receptionist while Mommy was in the exam room with Little Girl. I drew several pictures for her, among many important tasks she gave me like tearing people's credit card receipts off the printer.  That was really fun!

Mommy even called Daddy and he came to see us at the vet's office. Apparently, Little Girl was extremely sick. Mommy explained that Little Girl wouldn’t be coming home with us. The “kitty doctor” was going to help Little Girl feel better, but she wouldn’t be able to come home with us.  I didn't understand what exactly that meant, but I could tell that Mommy was very sad so I tried my best to comfort her and gave her lots of big hugs.

We went home and had lunch, and Daddy and I had a very silly time.  I had called to him from the table when he was in the kitchen, and he called me back with his hands cupped around his mouth.  I thought this was pretty funny, and tried to do it myself!  I couldn't quite get the "cupped hands" right, but Daddy tried to help me out.  Then we ended up just yelling to one another for at least 5 minutes.  It was great fun, and we were both giggling a lot!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mommy is home with me all week!

Since Mommy's going to be leaving soon, she's staying home all week with me - just me and her!  Today we went and had lunch with her friend Mr. Duaine Ross, and after that we went grocery shopping.  I was a lot of help, and had my own ideas of what should be on Mommy's list - like lots of marshmallows!  I also helped put lots of things in the cart, some that Mommy asked for, and some that she didn't.  We were there quite a long time, about two hours, since we were moving at Piper speed.  But I was having a great time!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The "bouncy-bounce" place!

I’ve been talking about it for days, and today we finally went to the bouncy-bounce place! It’s called the “Jump Zone”, and it’s full of those big air-filled “Moon bounce”-type things. I was so excited. Mommy and Daddy were too! And I was NOT disappointed. I had so much fun I actually wore myself out and told Mommy and Daddy I was ready to leave after about 2 hours.

Playing is hard work!

A lot of the bouncy-bounces had slides too!

Sometimes it was hard to decide where to go next!

They had these things all over the place, too, and every time I came upon one, I had to ride it.

"Yee-ha!  Ride like the wind, Bulls-eye!"

Daddy couldn't believe it when he saw me doing this and burst out laughing.  I've had a recent fascination with sock fuzz on my toes, but he didn't think it would override my playing on the bouncy-bounce!  Needless to say, this was near the end when I was getting pretty tired.  Just taking a little break!

Daddy got a couple of video clips too.  I sure showed no fear on the slides!

And I'm already learning how to charm boys into pushing me on the swing!

I hope we go again real soon.

While we were there, Mommy went next door to the kids' used clothing store and bought me lots of nice clothes for the summer.  When we got home, I got to try them on.  I didn't want to do it like normal, one at a time, I just started putting on each outfit Mommy handed me!  Here I have three shirts and three pairs of pants on.

The most surprising part about the day, to Mommy and Daddy, is even after all this play, I didn't take a nap.  I guess I was just having too much fun!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I like M & Ms!

I got into some Valentine M & Ms on the way home today.  Can you tell?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I got a Valentine from Grandma and Pa-pa!

I got some mail today!  It was from Grandma and Pa-pa and was a Valentine's Day card - with chocolate in it!  So needless to say, I liked it a lot.  Thanks Grandma and Pa-pa!

Going away gift from "School"

Since Mommy's going to be going away for a while, we started looking for a new day care for me to attend.  Mommy and Daddy are very sad about it, because the one I'm in now (at Tinker Air Force Base) is very nice and we like it a lot.  I've really been learning a lot there.  But since it's on the other side of town from where Daddy works, he'd spend a hour on the road each way taking me there and picking me up - time that he'd rather spend with me than driving in the car!  Sounds good to me too.

So this is my last week at Tinker until Mommy returns.  Next week Mommy is taking the whole week off just to spend a lot of time with me.  I can't wait, it's going to be a lot of fun!  She even mentioned a place with a "bouncy-bounce", and it's been all I've talked about since she did.  After that I'll be in the new day care.

When Mommy came to pick me up today, she was very surprised to see that the teachers had put together a going-away gift bag for me.  It was really a nice thing to do, and completely unexpected!  Of course, I was really excited to be able to open some presents!  I really liked the horsey but there were also some books too, all things I like!

They made a really great card for me, too.

Of course, this made the decision to change day care programs even harder for Mommy and Daddy, but I'll be back!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big (silly) argument with Daddy!

Tonight at dinner Daddy and I had a big argument.  He started it, by saying "I love you".  To which I responded "You love me!" 

He said, "Yes, I love you!"
I argued, "No, you love me!"
Daddy: "I love you!"

I started getting pretty adamant!  We went back and forth for a few minutes.  It was very silly, and then Daddy tricked me by responsing "You love me!"  I got a little confused and we started laughing.  It was good silly fun!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I've learned 4 states now!

I have two placemats with the U.S. map on them, and I started noticing that the states on each one match!  (As I've mentioned, I'm really big on telling when things match now - like when my shirt matches Mommy's and things like that.)  So Daddy decided I might as well start learning the state names.  First I learned that we live in Oklahoma, but then I moved on to knowing that my friend Alex is moving to Louisiana, my friends Mia and Zoe live in Utah, and Grandma Bunny and Granpa Mitch live in Arizona.  I like pointing to them and saying the state names.  Daddy and Mommy are very proud of me (especially Daddy, the big map freak)!

Mommy's going to be leaving us for a while

Mommy has been lucky and avoided it for a long time, but the Air Force deployment system finally caught up with her.  The bad news is that Mommy will be "deploying" in early March for about 6 months.  The good news is that "deploying" is in quotes since she'll be staying in the U.S.!  So at least that's a lot better than going overseas.  She doesn't know exactly where she'll be going, but we sure hope it's relatively close to Oklahoma!  More to come as we find out more.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl party!

Today we all headed down to Daddy's friend Steve's house for a Super Bowl party.  Mr. Steve and his wife Brittany are really nice, and best of all, they have a doggie!  Named Piper!  Daddy told me this was going to get confusing, and he was right.  But more about that later.

First I had to get ready.  I picked out my own colorful shirt!  And when Mommy asked what color scrunchies I wanted in my hair, I grabbed a handful of them.  She asked "which of them do you want?"  To which I quickly answered "ALL of them!" 

Don't forget this one on my wrist Mommy!

So that's how I ended up with 7 scrunchies in my hair at once.  Daddy really laughed hard when he came in and saw me.  I was being funny!

So we went to Mr. Steve's house, and I got to meet their doggie Piper.  I took a liking to her right away, and chased her around the house trying to pet her.  Eventually she let me.  Then after a while, once she got comfortable with me, she started wanting to give me licks.  Which means that then she started chasing ME around the house.  It was silly fun!

Whenever Daddy is holding me, I like to tell him "I'm going to go upside down", at which point I flop backwards and hang there until he pulls me back up.  It scares Mommy a little, which is why Daddy and I like it so much.  I really like being upside down!  Well, tonight each time I did it, Piper saw her chance and moved in for the big lick.  I couldn't get away, Daddy held me right there! 

We had a great time, but at halftime it was my bedtime so we had to leave.  I hope I get to see Piper again, she was really a fun doggie.

Playing around with my duck tub and helping Daddy

I haven't used my old duck tub since October when I started taking showers, but Daddy hadn't actually deflated it yet.  So I got to play with it one last time today before he did.  I ended up carrying it all over the house and sitting in it.  Yes, I think I'm a little too big for it now!

Later Daddy needed to fix the dishwasher, and of course that meant he needed my help.  I got to hold one of his tools for him.  But when he needed to use it, I decided it was no fun anymore and went and read with Mommy!  (By the way, yes he did fix the dishwasher.)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Caught in the act!

Normally, Pitch and Little Girl aren't allowed on the bed.  So when Daddy came in and saw Mommy and me reading with them at our feet, we knew we were caught!  (We're reading one of my favorite books, "Ella Takes the Cake")

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today was Daddy's birthday, so Mommy and I met him for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  He really likes the ribs there.  I was all excited about having some mashed potatos, but after I saw (and tasted) the rolls they served, I didn't want anything else!  I'm having trouble with the concept of having more than one type of food at a sitting, but I'm working on it.

When we got home, we had some "engagement brownies" (as Mommy and Daddy call them because that's what Mommy was getting ready when Daddy proposed).  They're tiny, but they're really good!  Notice how I've got one in my hand but am hungrily eyeballing Daddy's.  I did help him blow out the candle, I'm getting really good at it.