Saturday, April 30, 2011

Young's Jersey Dairy

There is a neat dairy farm near our house that has lots of fun activities for us to do.  We went there for the first time today and will definitely be going back.  They have a restaurant (with yummy ice cream), a petting zoo, a kids' play area with a bouncy-bounce, haybale climbing and slides, miniature golf, a tricycle track, old tractors to play on, and lots of fun stuff.  We were there for several hours and I had a ball.

These goats sure looked hungry for the the food in my hand.  They gobbled it all up super fast!

The petting zoo had lot of different animals, including baby cows, more goats, and even chickens!

Once I saw they had a bouncy-bounce with a slide, I didn't need any encouragement!

Mommy, look at all these cows!

We played miniature golf too.  The last time I played was last last July in Wisconsin when we visited Mommy.  Daddy tried to show me the proper form for putting, but I kept forgetting!

Daddy saw me having so much fun on this tricycle racetrack, that once there were no other kids on it, he tried to race me.  I won easily!  (Especially since he didn't really fit!)

So I decided to give Daddy a little help.

I liked driving the big tractors!

We had so much fun, we will definitely be back again soon.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Flying a kite

Daddy had a surprise for me today.  Since we lost our other kite a few weeks ago (and it is still stuck way up in the trees where we can see it), he bought me a new kite that he knew I'd like - a big Mommy turtle with lot of baby turtles for its tail!  I couldn't wait to go fly it, and today was a nice windy day.

I helped him get it all ready.

I wanted to fly it all by myself.  Daddy helped get it up in the air, until I thought it was high enough and told him so!  From then on I was flying it all by myself.  A few times it headed over toward our tree, but I quickly yelled "Get away from the tree!" and sometimes it seemed to listen!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter dinner and party!

Mommy thought it would be fun to have some friends over for Easter dinner a day early, and I thought so too!  So Zoe (7) and Mia (4) and their mommy, Tori (7) and Alex (3) and their mommy and daddy came over.  There were five of us kids in the house running around squealing having a great time! We were being super silly but sure having fun.  Here I am trying to scare Daddy with a dinosaur "ROAR" while Tori and Mia play the piano.

After some play, we all got to dye eggs.  I had done this two weeks ago at Lluc's birthday party, so I was definitely ready to do it again.  (Clockwise from left - Tori, me, Mia, Zoe, Alex.)

Later, while we were busy playing, Mommy went down to the basement and hid a bunch of plastic eggs.  They had treats in them too!  When she called us down, we were all excited and walked as fast as we could down the stairs (no running on the stairs)!

I found one!

I found a lot!

We had a great time and even ate some dinner.  But most of all, it was fun to drive Mommy and Daddy crazy with all the giggling and squealing for a few hours!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter bunny, and we made cookies!

We went to Sam's Club today and there was an Easter Bunny there.  I ran right over and jumped up on his lap.  Fortunately they were taking pictures for donations to a charity, so they got a picture of my big grin!

Mommy had a great idea and we made some cookies.  I was a big help, and poured the flour in the mixing bowl.  Oops!  It went "poof" and a little bit got on my face!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daddy mowing

Today Daddy finally had to mow the lawn for the first time this season.  I thought this was just fine, until I saw him mow over some beautiful flowers!  He went right over the dandelions!  I thought this was horrible and started crying.  Mommy tried to comfort me but I was inconsolable.  I was very sad!

When he was done, Daddy showed me how if the dandelions were little short ones, the mower went right over them and didn't cut them at all.  I thought this was pretty neat and started pointing out all the short dandelions that he couldn't mow.  I felt much better then!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lluc's 2nd birthday party!

We went over to my friend Sophia and Lluc's house today for Lluc's 2nd birthday party.  The three of us had a great time doing all kinds of fun activities.  One of the first things we did was decorate Easter eggs.  This was my first time doing this, and I thought it was neat to dip the eggs in all the different colors.  I was quite focused.

My hands got pretty messy!

Later on, we decorated our own birthday cupcakes.  I think I used up most of the sprinkles on mine.  Yum!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We got a mattress for my top bunk!

I've been sleeping great on the bottom bunk of my new bed, and today Mommy and Daddy got a mattress for the top bunk.  It came in a box all rolled up, and I thought it looked like great fun to climb on.  I pretended it was a horse and named it Pegasus, which was no real surprise to Mommy and Daddy, since I learned Pegasus was the flying horse with wings!

But then we unrolled it, and it was even more fun.  I jumped up and down on it as high as I could, and even landed on my bottom a few times.  It was great!  I was a little sad when Daddy said it was time to put it on the bed.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kite Flying!

It was a nice windy day today, so Daddy and I went outside and flew a kite!  It was really easy to get it up in the air, and I was able to hold onto it all by myself.  It went so high we ran out of string!

Unfortunately, as I was holding it, Daddy came up and touched my arm.  It tickled!  And I let go of the kite!  Daddy took off running super fast after it, and almost caught the string a few times, but couldn't quite get it.  It got caught way up in the tall trees on the left side of the picture above, too tall for Daddy or anybody to get.  I was very sad about it and started crying.  But when Daddy got back, he told me it was no problem, we would go out and buy another kite, and I could pick it out.  That made me feel better.  The kite is going to be up in the tree for a long time!