Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Two years ago I was a pumpkin. Last year I was a poodle, This year I was an angel! Daddy always says I'm his little angel. Wouldn't you agree?

I really liked this costume (and actually wore it around on Sunday, too!) because to me, it looked like a "princess" costume. I kept saying that I was a princess like Snow White! So Mommy and Daddy started calling me an angel princess. Sounded good to me!

Now I'm ready to hit the street.

Like last year, we went to our four neighbors first. At the first two, I didn't really have the hang of the routine. But after those two I figured out that if you go to the door, knock, and say "trick or treat", you get candy! I quickly caught on, and ran right up to the next two houses without hesitation. I like this kind of holiday!

Do you remember the scary skeleton hanging outside the house next door last year? Click here for a picture

Mommy was ready to take a picture of my reaction this year, but guess what? In all my excitement, I didn't even notice!

Ahh, the best part of Halloween, going through your "loot" at the end. I have discovered I really like Kit Kat, although I'm not going to pass any of them up.

As I was eating my treats, more kids kept coming to the door. Each time, I'd hop off my chair and run to the door to help Mommy.

That's a big bowl of candy!

It was such a nice night, Mommy and I moved out onto the porch for a while.

With all the excitement (helped by all the sugar), I didn't want to go to bed, and was up pretty late, until about 9 PM. But what a fun day!

Fly-in at Goldsby, OK

Goldsby, OK is a little town just down the road with a little local airport. They had a fly-in today, so we all went! Well, Daddy flew down to help his friend Steve set up, while Mommy and I drove down later once they started serving food. Daddy told me he was parking planes! He must have done a good job, because I didn't see any in a ditch!

I did get to meet Steve's nephews, Joseph (Jo-jo) and Jake! Jake is about my age, Jo-jo is a little older. Jake wanted to shake my hand when we met. I had no idea what he wanted (I'm more of a hugger, you know), but Daddy helped me.

We got right to looking at airplanes. I headed right for the bright yellow one! Daddy says it's a kit plane and he could build one. Maybe someday!

Look at how fast I'm running to get to the planes!

Since Steve was there, I got to sit in his airplane again (remember, I did last week too). I like it!

I did let Jo-jo and Jake have a turn. Wait a minute, what's going on in the background? :)

After seeing all these airplanes, Jake and I flew around for a while!

We were there for a couple of hours, and had lunch too! Then Mommy and I left as Daddy stayed for a while longer. Mommy and I headed to downtown Moore, where they were having a bunch of Halloween activities for kids. They had a big, bouncy air slide that I went down a few times. I even got a pumpkin "tattoo" on my cheek! We also went to the library for a while. I love going to the library, they've got lots of neat things to do.

Later that day, we all went out shopping. On the way back, I was pretty worn out. I fell asleep in the car, and didn't wake up even when Daddy got me out and laid me down on the couch. I was tired!

But wait a minute, it's Halloween, there are treats to be had! I was pretty slow to wake up until Daddy mentioned the "t" word, then amazingly I was wide awake.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How old is Daddy?

Today at dinner I proudly told Daddy how old I am - "I'm 2!", holding up my fingers to demonstrate. Then Daddy made the mistake of asking me how old HE is. To which I promptly responded...

"Too . . . old!"

Mommy of course started laughing, so Daddy asked "How old is Mommy?"

What do you think I answered?

"Too...pretty! And young!"

Clearly I know where MY treats come from!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Norman "Aviation Festival"

Our local airport in Norman, OK hosts an "Aviation Festival" every year where they have local pilots bring in some display aircraft, they have fun things for kids to do, and even the Fire and Police Departments show up. Daddy and I had a fun time last year, so we decided to go again this year. Now that I'm a lot older I was able to really have a great time!

One of the first things I saw when we got there was Daddy's friend Steve and Steve's yellow plane, so I ran right over and gave Steve a big hug! I really like Steve's plane because 1) it's yellow, and 2) it's Piper-sized. Steve offered to let me sit in it, but surprisingly I didn't want to! Daddy told me that was okay, we could come back if I changed my mind.

There were quite a few neat airplanes on the parking ramp, and I wore myself out running all around.

I had to stretch to touch the wing of this Beech 18 (C-45). But Daddy couldn't get me, it was too low for him!

We took many trips back to see how Steve was doing. He was letting any kids sit in his plane who wanted to. Well, once I saw this, of course I changed my mind and wanted to sit in it too!

Now that I was "warmed up" and in the mood to sit in airplanes, we went over to the big blue helicopter (the News 4 helicopter) and I got to sit in that one too!

The next plane I sat in was a Cessna 150, which is also Piper-sized, so I was excited about this one too. When Daddy helped me sit in the right seat, I immediately slid over into the left seat (the pilot's seat), and started buckling myself in. I was ready to go!

The OU Police Department was there with their drug and bomb sniffing dog, Jackie. She was very friendly because it was her day off, and she was getting lots of attention!

What a day! Daddy and I had a great time. I really wore myself out and fell asleep on the drive home. Daddy was even able to get me out of the car and cuddled up with him on the bed without me waking up. Cozy!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I told another joke!

Daddy was reading to me today, one of my new favorite books - The Little Mermaid. Of course having seen lots of Little Mermaid shows and characters last week, I now like him to read me this book at least once a day!

On one page, Ariel discovers a fork, and not knowing what it's for (because mermaids don't use forks, of course), she starts combing her hair with it! Daddy asked me if I comb my hair with a fork. Of course I said "no", because that's just silly. Then he asked me what do I comb my hair with? I gave a little smile, and quickly answered back, "a SPOON"! I started giggling, and Mommy and Daddy really started laughing. They liked my joke!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time to head on home

it's been a great time, but now we needed to head on home. When we got on the airplane, Daddy had a big surprise for me, my own Minnie Mouse!

Remember how I said I always put the Minnie Mouse dolls in the store back on the shelves, because I knew they weren't mine? Well, I wanted to confirm, so I looked at Daddy and asked "It mine, Daddy?" When he said yes, I gave him one of the biggest smiles ever!

It was a very late flight, all at night, so I was exhausted. I got in a lot of sleep. Fortunately, the plane wasn't very full from Orlando to Dallas, so Mommy moved into the row in front of us and I stretched out. I slept for about an hour like this! (The armrest wouldn't stay up, but I didn't even notice.) I slept through the whole landing, taxi, flight attendant announcements, and all. I was out!

Once we got home I went right to bed with no problems. What a week!

Our last day - Hollywood Studios again

Even though I got to bed late last night, for some reason I woke up at about 6 AM this morning calling for Daddy. Eventually Daddy woke up and came in to see me. Well, Daddy wasn’t too keen on getting up early on the last day of vacation, so he asked if maybe I’d like him to cuddle with me for a while. I gave him a big grin and a big head nod! That sounded great! So he laid down next to me and learned what a little fidgeter I am as I tried to get comfy next to him. Finally I did and we laid there for about 20 minutes. Daddy thought it was pretty great too. But what he thought was REALLY cute was, after that 20 minutes, he told me he really needed to go give Mommy some cuddles too, okay? And again, I gave him a big smile and nod! I knew Mommy needed some just like I did. And I fell asleep for the next hour. They really appreciated that!

Since we had to leave early on Thursday because of all the rain, we decided to go back to Disney's Hollywood Studios today to see all that we missed. And I'm glad we did, I finally got to meet Lightning McQueen and Mater! I was very excited, but once I got up to Lightning, he started making loud "Vroom" sounds and I got a little scared.

We came upon this leaky fire hydrant as we were walking to the next place. I tried to fix it!

I REALLY wanted to go back to the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" play area, so we headed on that way. Remember how I was a little scared of the big "spider's nest" last time? Well not this time - I made my way through it about 10 times and was getting really quick too!

The only way Mommy and Daddy were able to finally pull me away from it was to mention that there were lots of slides here, too! So then I got hooked on this one, and went down a bunch of times.

They had a few other slides too, this was another one of them.

After we played here for a while, we went to see the "Beauty and the Beast" musical play. It was fun (and funny too)! But after that we had to leave so we could finish packing up, have some dinner, and make it to the airport. It's been a great vacation!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Back to the Magic Kingdom

it being a lot cooler today than on Monday, we decided to go back to the Magic Kingdom and try to do all those things that we missed. Of course, I was excited at the possibility of seeing Minnie Mouse again too! And sure enough, right when we got in the park, there was a parade going on, and I ran right up to see Minnie!

Once Minnie drove away, around the corner came Woody and Jessie. I can never remember her name, but I sure know Woody's!

After the parade, we headed on to some of the other parts of the park we had missed on Monday. I got to go on the Magic Carpet ride (which amazingly seemed really similar to the Dumbo ride), climbed up lots of stairs in the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, and got to go exploring all over Tow Sawyer's Island. I really liked the barrel bridge, and insisted on doing it all myself!

From there we headed over to Minnie Mouse's house. Daddy said we might find Minnie Mouse it there. He was wrong, but that didn't stop me - I jumped up on her big chair, and proclaimed that "I'm waiting for Minnie Mouse"!

We headed into the nearby gift shop, and there I found a real big stuffed Minnie Mouse, so I gave it a big hug. Of course I knew she wasn't mine, so I put her back once I was done giving her hugs. I found some other smaller ones and gave them big hugs too!

Later we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride, and afterwards I got a picture just for Grandma Roslewski, a big tigger fan!

Of course I really wanted to go back to the carousel again, and since it was right next to the Winnie the Pooh ride, why not? Unfortunately, there was a long line this time, so we didn't get to stay on it for several rides in a row like last time. I really didn't want to get off!

That night we met our friends for a seafood buffet at the Shades of Green military resort. I even had some shrimp. But not that much, I wasn't acting very hungry at all. And when we left, Mommy and Daddy found out why - I was exhausted and fell asleep right away in the car on the way back. They were even able to get me changed and into bed without me waking up. I was out! It was a fun day!

And one of the best parts was that I didn't wet in my pull-up diaper at all today, not even once. Mommy and Daddy think I'm just about ready for real big-girl underpants!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hollywood Studios and Disney Quest

We went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios today and I got to see a lot of different shows. I got to see stunt cars, a Muppets show in 3-D, a Little Mermaid play, and lots of familiar characters on the streets.

The first thing I did when we got there was stop to use the phone. When Mommy asked who I was calling, I said “Grandma”. Of course!

They have a great play area for us kids, based on the movie “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. Everything is big! I quickly noticed the big jar of Play-doh.

And they had a “spider’s nest” I got to crawl through, getting up to about 15 feet in the air! I wasn’t too sure about it, but made it all the way through anyway.

I really liked the car stunt show, especially since it involved a “tiny boat” in my words (a jet-ski). And the best part was at the end, I got to climb down the bleachers! I didn’t want any help at all from Daddy. No, I wanted to climb all the way down all by myself. And I did! Granted we were the last people to leave the show, and the cleaning crew was getting to work, but Daddy was still proud of me.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best, like this fountain outside the Muppet show where Zoe, Mia and I had a great time splashing around!

As we were waiting to go on the “backlot tour” tram ride, it really started raining hard! Lightning and thunder too. Fortunately we were under cover. But then they made an announcement that the tour wouldn’t start again until 20 minutes after the storm passed. Since it looked like it was going to storm off and on for the rest of the day, we decided to head on out, and went back to Disney Quest to play some more games!

We hadn’t seen it before, but they had an air hockey table that was perfectly Piper-sized! I still scored most of my goals against myself, but now I would run back and forth to each side to do it!

I really liked playing this video bowling game too!

This is a fun place!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Disney Quest

After the water park, we went out to dinner with the Racz’s, and then went over to Disney Quest, which is a 5 story building full of different types of games – video games, virtual reality games, bumper cars, racing games, all kinds of fun things to do.

I really liked playing air hockey, even though I just barely reached the table! I did manage to score most of the goals against myself though, as I thought it was great fun to push the puck into my goal and watch it come out the hole in the bottom. Fun!

I was amazed by a larger-than-life version of "my friend” (as I called him) Buzz!

Mommy got to try this dancing game. I didn’t think she was doing so well, so I thought I’d give her a little help. I got pretty into it, especially since the floor lights up when you step on it!

Water Play all day!

It’s been so hot outside the last couple of days that we decided to do something much cooler today and headed to the “Typhoon Lagoon” water park! Daddy and Mommy have always loved water parks, and this was to be my first time at one. So none of us knew what to expect. I am happy to report I had a great time! I was a little scared of the water at first, since it had been a while, but Daddy took me into the wave pool and I remembered how fun it was . Then I was set to go! We found the kids area and I took right to it. Especially the little tube slide!

I must have gone down that slide at least 30 times (and that’s not an exaggeration)! I’d get to the end, Daddy or Mommy would help me out of the water, then I’d run back up to the top to go again. Mommy and Daddy used this time to trade off on watching me so they could go to some of the big slides. I didn’t even mind, actually I didn’t even notice!

They also had a lot of other fun areas. A spray gun where I got to spray the other kids (notice that I'm the one "aiming", not Daddy!)

and all kinds of different animals to crawl on!

They also had one of Mommy and Daddy’s old favorites, called the “Castaway Creek” here, where you lazily float down a river around the water park (occasionally going through waterfalls and other sprays). I loved it too, especially once I found out I could go in my own tube. I even started singing “Row, row, row your boat” a few times!

I know there is a water park in Oklahoma City, I sure hope we can go next summer!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The day started off with Zoe and Mia coming over to visit while Uncle Oscar took Aunt LeeAnn to the conference she needed to attend. We had a great time playing and then we all decided to attack Daddy! (I think Daddy had fun, too.)

We went to a different park today – Animal Kingdom. I got to see all kinds of animals and really had a good time with Zoe and Mia. We went on a safari ride through the African savannah, a train ride, we saw a 3-D movie based on “A Bug’s Life”, went to a petting zoo, saw the “Lion King” live-action musical, and the new “Finding Nemo” musical too! I didn’t even take a nap all day! Some of the shows were a little scary for me, mostly due to loud noises, but I knew I had Mommy and Daddy there to keep me safe, so I just cuddled up to Daddy (and kept peeking to see what was going on).

On the safari, the rhinoceroses were taking a mud bath!

This is of us three girls watching the start of the Lion King (until we realized we couldn’t see anything from our seats. I climbed up into Daddy’s lap).

I was mesmerized through the Lion King. Mommy really liked it too!

Even with everything else there was to look at, Mia and I had to stop when we saw this Minnie Mouse doll. It was hard for Daddy to pull us away. We like Minnie Mouse!

At the petting zoo, we got to see (and pet) sheep, goats, a cow, and donkeys. They were very friendly. I even got to brush one of the sheep.

On another note, I did really well with my potty training today! I only had one wet diaper and one “#2” diaper all day. I used the big-girl potty many times, of course Mommy or Daddy has to hold me while I use it, but I have no problem once they do. I do have a funny habit of going into the corner, being quiet, and fidgeting a little when I have to go #2. Daddy caught me doing it today, and sure enough, he was right. He reminded me that everyone goes #2 and it’s nothing to be scared about, but I still feel better hiding in the corner. We’ll work on it!