Saturday, February 26, 2011


What a fun day!  It started off with swim lessons, then we went to Sam's Club, then we decided to go bowling, and then we went to the library.  I was pretty worn out by the end of the day.

We wanted to go bowling again today, since the last time we went was in November and we had a great time.  I was very excited about it.  We played two whole games!

I saw Mommy and Daddy using the finger holes, so of course I wanted to copy them.  I didn't try this very many times!

After a while I wanted to use the dinosaur, which sure made things a lot easier.

I got a 63 in the first game, but a 95 the second game (where I mostly used the dinosaur).  Mommy bowled a 165 the first game, with 4 strikes!  Daddy and I sure were cheering her on!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I made Orion again

I did it again, made the constellation Orion out of peanut butter chips.  Since I did it all from memory and on my own, and without anybody asking me to, Daddy was very impressed!  In fact he took a picture too.

Pretty good!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daddy's astronomy geek

Recently I've been learning a lot about astronomy from Daddy.  The weather finally cleared up a little this past week and hasn't been as cold, so we got to see Jupiter again, and I learned a constellation - Orion!  I like this one because it's easy to find with the three stars in a row that make up his belt.  We even got to look at them through our binoculars (I used the ones I got for Christmas).

We've looked at some planets and galaxies and other things on Daddy's computer, too.  I'm really interested, and keep asking him if I can see more!  He's showed me a lot of the different constellations, and I told him that Canis Minor (the little dog) is my favorite.  Of course!

A couple of days ago I made him really happy.  At dinner I turned to Mommy and said "Mommy, did you know that baby stars are born in nebulas?"

And today I made him really, really happy.  We were having a treat after lunch, and I took three Reese's Peanut Butter Chips, put them in a line, and told Daddy it was Orion's belt!  He was very proud of me!  He then made his own version of the full constellation of Orion and we ate it.  So then I made it again, and got every detail right, including the sword just like Daddy had made it.  I have a great memory!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Signing Valentine's Day cards

My school is celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday February 18th.  We don't really know why, although it does seem like a good idea so everybody can buy Valentine's Day things on sale!  Mommy actually had some Disney cards she bought last year on sale, and I've been signing them this week.  Although we did them over several days this week, I signed each one all by myself (28 of them since I wanted a few for the teachers too) and had a fun time doing it!

I got to watch a new movie tonight, Charlotte's Web.  After it was done, it was time to go to bed, but of course I didn't want to go.  So Daddy picked me up and spun me around, and I started laughing!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sophia came over to play!

Since she couldn't make it over to our house last Saturday for Daddy's party, and since Sophia's mommy just had back surgery, Sophia got to come over for a few hours today.  We got in lots of play and it was great seeing her again.

We had a little snack, but were too excited to go play that we didn't eat very much!

We played dress-up and Sophia got to wear my favorite princess dress.  And I wore the blue one!  Here I am trying to show Daddy how to make a "K".  It was the letter of the week at school this week.

And then we did a lot of piano playing!  We had lots of fun playing duets.

It was a fun day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Playing Candy Land with Minnie

Notice there are three game pieces on the Candy Land board.  Mommy, me, and Minnie!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birthday party for Daddy

Since Daddy's birthday was on a Wednesday this year, we decided to have a party on Saturday.  We invited over Zoe and MIa and their parents, and Sophia and Lluc and their parents to celebrate!  Unfortunately, both Sophia and Lluc got sick and so none of their family could make it.  But Zoe, Mia and I had a bunch of fun!

After dinner we had dessert!  Daddy nicely decided he really wanted one of the giant chocolate cakes that Mommy and I really like.  We didn't get candles for the cake since we knew we had some at home, but then we couldn't find them anywhere!  So we just used the big candles we had on our table.  Of course I wanted to sit on Daddy's lap when we blew the candles out!

I blew as hard as I could and we got them all!

It was a fun party, and I hope that Sophia and Lluc will be able to come over sometime soon.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power's out! Happy Birthday Daddy!

The power was still out this morning so Daddy fired up the generator at about 7:30 AM.  First he hooked up the blower for the gas furnace, since it was about 58 degrees in the house and much colder outside!  Then he connected the refrigerator, TV and internet.  Since all the roads were icy and over 40,000 houses were without power, Mommy got the whole day off today again!  One thing I really wanted to do with her, and she agreed, was to paint my fingernails.  I may be like Daddy in many ways, but sometimes I like to do girl stuff with Mommy too!  I held really still and she was able to do a great job.

And after the fingernails, why not the toenails?  After all, we weren't going anywhere!  Mommy told me to be very careful with my fingernails until the nail polish dried, and look how carefully I'm holding my hands.

That afternoon, the Racz family invited us over for dinner, since they still had power.  Of course, ours came on at about 4:30 PM, before we left, but we were still happy to go.

When we got there, we all sang Happy Birthday to Daddy.  I sang super loud!  And I sang it a couple more times too just for fun.  Later that night I got dressed up with Zoe and Mia.  I like getting dressed up like Daddy's little princess, and he loves giving me big hugs!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big storm coming, Mommy got the day off

There is a big winter storm coming, so Mommy got the day off from work.  Which meant I got to play a lot more with her.  Since Daddy's birthday is tomorrow, we went ahead and used the extra time to make him his birthday "cake", which he cleverly calls "Apple Thing" since he can never remember the real name.  I got to do a lot of helping, especially unwrapping the caramels and stirring things up.  I really like to help Mommy in the kitchen (even when I don't want any of what we made).

Of course, after we made it, we didn't see any reason to wait until tomorrow to eat some, so Mommy and Daddy had a little early birthday "Apple Thing".

The storm started this afternoon, with heavy ice and freezing rain.  When Mommy and Daddy were getting ready to go to bed, Daddy heard some dripping in the bedroom and discovered that the window screens had ice on the inside that was melting and pooling up at the bottom of the window.  It couldn't drain out because the whole outside was iced up, so it was dripping inside!  They had to take all the north-facing screens out to fix it.

Then about 11:30 PM the power went out.  Daddy had wanted to be prepared, so he had gone out earlier in the day and bought gas for the generator.  The house was plenty warm enough right now, so he didn't fire it up, instead waiting to see if the power was still out in the morning.