Monday, June 30, 2008

Waving Bye-bye and New Foods

Apparently now that I've done this three times in a row when Mommy comes to pick me up, she thinks I should enter the "waving bye-bye" bit in my blog. I've figured it out: When Mommy comes through the door to my classroom in the late afternoons, that means I'm going to be leaving. So as soon as I see Mommy, I turn to the ladies who take care of me during the day and I wave bye-bye. For whatever reason, they all think this is pretty cute. I guess I'll have to keep it up!

Ooh, I made two great discoveries today: BBQ chicken and watermelon! For dinner tonight Mommy made corn, green beans and BBQ chicken. I was pretty hungry, so Mommy gave me some corn and green beans to get me started. Let's just say, corn niblets and beans make a fine pile on the tray top when the bowl is turned upside down. But when Daddy gave me some of his chicken, I had to let him know I wanted more, lots more! He could barely cut up little pieces for me fast enough. It was great! And for dessert, Mommy gave me some watermelon. (Let me say, that's much easier to chew with no molars than chicken is.) It was so sweet and juicy. I hope we have some left overs for tomorrow!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Learning to brush my own teeth

Of course, now that I have all these teeth I need to take care of them, so Mommy has been helping me learn how to brush. I'm really good at getting the toothbrush in my mouth, but haven't yet figured out the next step. So I end up just sucking on it for a while and then Mommy brushes my teeth. Today she had me sitting on the edge of the sink, when I slid down into it! Daddy thought this made a really cute picture so he told Mommy and me to hold on while he got the camera.

You will also note the new hairstyle Mommy gave me - my hair's just long enough to have two pigtails, not the single ponytail I've had so far!
You may also notice where my right hand is - uh oh!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Animal Crackers!

I love eating Animal Crackers! They're so yummy! I was sitting on the couch eating some and I thought Daddy might like to eat a few, too. Guess what? He did! In fact, he liked eating them so much that I fed him at least 20 Animal Crackers. Mommy said Daddy didn't want any more after the first five or so. But I didn't believe her. There was still more room in Daddy's mouth, so I just had to put more Animal Crackers in it. I'd grab one out of the bag and put it in Daddy's mouth. And before he could finish chewing that one, I'd grab another Animal Cracker and put that one in his mouth. It was great fun!

More Walking!

Now that I'm in the "pre-toddlers" class at the Child Development Center, I've been working a lot more on my walking skills. You see, I'm the youngest one in the class, and I'm also the only one who isn't walking yet. I want to be like all the older kids, so I figured it was time to work on this important skill even if I fall down every four or five steps. Tonight for our family entertainment, I practiced taking steps first to Mommy and then to Daddy. This went really well for a while with me taking a few steps at a time. However, I soon got tired, stumbled and fell into a door frame where I hit my cheek pretty hard. It hurt, and I cried a lot! But Daddy said he thought Mommy cried harder than I did. I don't know why she was crying, I'm the one who got hurt. Daddy held me and comforted me, and I decided that was enough entertainment and called a halt to the walking practice. Fortunately it didn't leave a bruise.

I'll keep working on it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Since I was finally feeling better from this weekend, I went to the doctor today to get my one-year shots. They had to draw blood too! Neither Mommy nor I liked that part very much at all. I cried a lot!

Fortunately, all the blood tests came back "normal", and I do not need any kind of supplemental vitamins or iron. Yay!

Monday, June 23, 2008

One year checkup

I wasn't very "well", but I had my well baby checkup today. Since I was still sick from yesterday, they didn't give me my shots (or take blood), but they did do everything else.

Here are my current stats:

Height - 32" (well off the chart - above the 95th percentile)

Weight - 23 lbs 3 oz (85th percentile)

Head circumference - 18" (around 75th percentile)

My height is the average height for a 19-month old girl, and my weight is the average weight of a 16-month old! I'm going to be one tall girl if I keep growing at this rate!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trip to the ER

Today I had my first trip (for myself) to the emergency room. The day started out like any other. I had to let Mommy and Daddy know I was awake so we could all get started for the day. (For some odd reason, I think they'd sleep in all morning if I didn't take care of this all important task.) But by 11 a.m., I just wasn't my usual self. I didn't want any solid foods for lunch nor would I drink out of my sippy cup. Mommy gave me a bottle, which I promptly finished. But then what I drank promptly came back up. Oops!

I figured a nice long nap would help me feel better. Mommy and Daddy were surprised how long I slept, a whole 2 and a half hours. When I did wake up, I didn't want to play or eat or anything. I just sat in Mommy or Daddy's lap and didn't cry or anything. I wasn't running a fever, according to the ear thermometer. (We soon learned just how inaccurate that was.)

Around 4:15 p.m. I was going to have another bottle, but I got really sick, all over Mommy. (Sorry, Mommy!) But since I'd seen the bottle, I really wanted to have it. Unfortunately, I had a repeat episode of getting really sick. Since Mommy was still cleaning up the outfit she'd been wearing, I got sick all over Daddy and the couch. (Sorry, Daddy!)

By then they decided it was time to call the pediatrician's office. My temperature was only at 100.5 according to the "underarm" thermometer. So the nurse said as long as I was able to keep some fluids down and my temperature didn't get over 102 that there was no cause for alarm.
Well, by 7:45 p.m. Mommy and Daddy tried giving me another bottle. I got really sick again. Mommy also thought I felt much warmer than what the thermometer was reading when it was under my arm. So she put the thermometer some place REALLY uncomfortable. (I won't tell you where because you would just think that was wrong of her to do.) Well, my fever was 103.3. I was HOT!

Mommy called the doctor's office back and we all felt it was best if I go into the emergency room.

Luckily, the Moore Medical Center (which is where I was born) is really close and wasn't busy at all. So we were brought into a room really fast and I was taken care of quickly. We all had to wait there for a while to make sure the anti-nausea medicine took effect and my fever went down. We left around 10 p.m. But it was still a really long night for Mommy and Daddy. They had to wake up and give me more Tylenol every few hours to make sure my fever didn't spike back up.

Overall, it was a really long day and night.

By Monday I was feeling much better, but I stayed home to make sure I didn't get any of my friends at the Child Development Center sick. The bonus was I got to play with Mommy in the morning and Daddy in the afternoon as they traded off staying home with me. So something good came from me being so sick!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Picnic at Tinker AFB

This afternoon we went up to Tinker AFB where Mommy works for a picnic. It was a going-away party for two of the people in the Command Post there, so we all headed up. I don't know much about these military functions, but I do know that this meant I got to play outside! So I was excited to go.

But the first exciting thing was that we took the truck up. It was a long time since I'd been in the truck, but we took the grill and some coolers up, so we needed it. Well, Daddy hadn't put the car seat back in the truck since we used it to go flying several weeks ago, and when he reinstalled it, he put it in front-facing! Finally, after over a year of staring at the back seat, looking out the back window, and seeing where we've been (not where we're going), I got to watch ahead of us like Mommy and Daddy do! Just look at how excited I am.

We got there early so we could set up, but once that was done, we saw a play area close by so Daddy and I walked over there. Well, he carried me anyway.

But then we headed back and people started showing up. Adults sure do talk about some boring things! I had enough of that, so I grabbed the stroller and started walking. I got a long ways out all by myself!

I came back in time for eating, though, which Mommy helped me with. I made quite a mess on Mommy, me, and the sheet we were sitting on!

There was some more adult discussion, but I didn't pay much attention. I was more interested in crawling towards the grill and other places I shouldn't be. When we finally got home I sure was tired! What a day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why do they call it "sticky rice"?

It sure took a long time for Mommy and Daddy to clean me up after dinner tonight!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quite relaxed, aren't I?

Now that I am supposed to be getting weaned off the bottle, it's time for me to show off just how good I've become at holding it, with one hand even. Mommy and Daddy thought this was pretty funny. Pretty informal around here at the dinner table - reclining, foot up on the table, barefoot, crazy hair - yes, I'm pretty relaxed!

Happy Father's Day!

This is Daddy and my second Father's Day, and I sure had a great time. I think Daddy may have been a little apprehensive, though, given his experience last year. But it turned out to be a much better day for both of us!

See, the first thing we did was one of Daddy and my favorite activities, a little snooze to start the day off right.

Then Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and I all went to the park across the street. I got to climb a big mountain!

Then we went swinging. The seats were hot so Mommy put a sheet down.

I love swings!

It was a good day at the park. When we got back home, we played with Legos! I have started in the last few days crawling into Mommy or Daddy's laps if they're sitting on the floor. It takes a little effort, but I can do it all by myself. Once I get up there, I plop right down and get comfortable. Mommy and Daddy think it's adorable.

Grandma had to leave today, but on the way to the airport we stopped by downtown Oklahoma City at the riverwalk and fed some ducks! They were very friendly, in fact Daddy and Mommy got some to eat out of their hands.

So it was a good Father's Day for Daddy and me, we had a great time. I was sad to see Grandma Stoller head back to Phoenix though, because I had a good time seeing her again. Hope it's not too long until the next time, Grandma!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tooth Number 7!

I had tooth number 7 come in today! I know this may not seem like a big deal anymore since it's happened 6 times before, but Mommy and Daddy are still excited each time. Hopefully it will allow me to chew my food a little better. I certainly am starting to get a nice toothy grin!

Orr Family Farm

Near where we live is this place called the Orr Family Farm. They were having a discount for Father's Day today, so Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and I went and had a lot of fun.

It started off with a train ride. Serious business! Daddy likes this picture because it shows my big brown eyes (chocolate brown, Mommy calls them, just like Daddy's).

I then got to ride on the carousel. This was so much fun, we even came back later in the day!

They have a petting zoo too. I got to pet rabbits,

a goat,

and even a llama!

Then Mommy and I got a little silly!

But believe me, that was nothing compared to how silly Mommy and Daddy were about to get. There were pedal race cars and a track there. Of course Mommy and Daddy had to race. I'm a little too young, but they had smaller cars there for me in a few years!

Here's Mommy revving her engine at the starting line.

Daddy sure is a fierce competitor! Look at that intense concentration!

Daddy even found out how much I like him to spin me around and around. It's great fun as long as I haven't eaten too recently. Mommy doesn't think it's such a great idea, but that's probably why Daddy and I do!

I had a great day and got a lot of fresh air and sunshine. There is more to do that I was too young for, but in a few years I'll be running all around this place!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

On the porch swing

I had fun on our porch swing with Grandma and Mommy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am ONE year old! It's been quite a year. Mommy and Daddy think that it sure has gone by quickly. They remember when I was just a little tiny thing lying there not able to babble or crawl or even roll over by myself. Now look at me go - I'm a really good crawler and am almost walking (still haven't taken another few steps in a row since last week, but I'm working on it).

For my birthday, Grandma Stoller came in town all the way from Phoenix! She just arrived today and we've been having a great time. She last saw me when I was under a month old, so I sure have changed a lot!

I was soon to learn about this aspect of birthdays called "presents". I like getting presents! But first, I was worn out from the day so I took a little nap in Daddy's arms.

My how I've grown in the last year! Compare me to this other picture taken when I was two days old. But Daddy is still just as comfy!

Once I got my nap in, it was time for the presents! This was very exciting. There were all kinds of pretty wrapped presents on the coffee table, and Mommy or Daddy would hand me one at a time. What fun! Here I am reading a card from Grandma. She got me some really cute new outfits too!

Mommy got me a Xylophone! What fun this is going to be to make beautiful music on. Mommy remembers the one she had as a little girl and what fun she had, so she hopes I will too!

Daddy got me some of his favorite toys growing up, Legos! Actually these are the ones for kids my age, Duplo, but he thinks I will have lots of fun with these. He sure did! And I have already enjoyed taking them all out of the bin they came in.

Then I got to talk on the phone to Grandma and Grandpa Roslewski. They sang "Happy Birthday" to me after which I accidentally hung up on them. Sorry! They wished they could be here, but with Grandpa still recovering from his heart surgery, it just wasn't possible. It's okay, Grandpa, I know I'll see you soon!

I thought the day couldn't possibly get any better, but then, amazingly, it did! We got to have cake (cupcakes) and ice cream! Everybody said that I would probably stick my face right in the cake, but I surprised them all by daintily picking at the icing instead. It was yummy! Do you see that pin on my dress? That was my Daddy's from when he turned 1. That pin must be ANCIENT!

Well, eventually I got less dainty about my eating, and sure enough, the icing and cupcake ended up all over my face, in my hair, on my arms and dress, everywhere. It wasn't supposed to be bathnight, but guess who got a bath anyway?

Mommy also let me try some of her ice cream. It was really yummy - I certainly have the Stoller ice cream gene in me! I couldn't get enough.

It was a really great day. I can't wait to do it again next year!

Moving to a new day care class

Today is kind of a sad day - I'm moving to the next "class" at day care, the "pre-toddlers" for ages 12 - 24 months. It's sad because I'll have to leave my friend Iliana. We've become good friends, as you can see in the pictures below. We talk and play all day long with each other and have a really good time!

We get into mischief sometimes together too!

I also had to say goodbye to my teachers. They've been really great to me! Thank you Ms. Michelle and Ms. Tammy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Two BIG steps for Piper-kind!

There's no stopping me now! This morning I took TWO steps, all by myself, without holding on to Daddy or Mommy or anything else! Daddy stood me up and faced me toward Mommy. Mommy held out her arms, and I took those two big little steps toward her before I lost my balance. But I gave Mommy a BIG smile! We tried some more in the evening but I wasn't up for it. Maybe tomorrow I'll show them some more!