Sunday, July 26, 2009

More water sprinkler play

Today it was Daddy's turn to play with me in the sprinkler. Oh what fun! At first I wanted him to carry me through it a few times. He held me tight and I'd grip on to him whenever he told me the water was coming! But then I'd get wet and giggle and want some more.

See how tight I'm holding on?

Then of course I wanted to play some by myself. I ran back and forth until I was completely drenched! See I'm wearing big girl pull-up diapers. Mommy wanted to see if they would inspire me to use the potty by myself. Nope!

My pull-up diapers did get a little saggy, though, and led Daddy to wonder if I have a career in plumbing!

Later I hopped up on the couch and wanted to play with my blocks. I ended up just pulling them all out of the bag and onto my lap!

What a busy day!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My first "real" drawing

I drew the following piece of artwork today. Now, I've done this before, of course, but this time it was different. This time I told Daddy what the two things I drew are! You can see the orange doggy at the very top and the orange and brown airplane that fills up most of the rest of the page. Mommy and Daddy are both so proud of me for drawing their favorite things!

Now, just to test me and see I still remembered what they were, Daddy asked me again about a week later. Sure enough, I pointed to the top one and said "doggy", and the bottom one and said "airplane"! Isn't that obvious? Daddy sure asks silly questions sometimes.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reading airplane book with Daddy

Daddy really really loves me! Why? Well I wanted to read one of his airplane books today. And even better, he taught me some of the parts of an airplane! I learned "wing", "tail", and "propeller". He's very proud of me! Here I am pointing out the wing of the airplane.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More broccoli?

We were eating dinner tonight, which included broccoli. I ate mine all up, and then said something that Mommy and Daddy thought was very strange coming from anyone. I turned to Daddy and said "More broccoli, Daddy?" So they gave me more and I happily scarfed that down too!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Team R Gardening

You may remember what a big help I was over Memorial Day Weekend when Mommy and I potted this tomato plant. Yesterday, our hard work finally paid off! Our first (and only) tomato was officially ripe and ready for picking. Look how ripe and red it is!

Daddy says we should have a salad tonight and split it among the three of us. I've heard of "eyes being bigger than my tummy," but Daddy must really need his eyes examined if he thinks this tiny morsel is large enough to split among three salads. Silly Daddy!

Well, we were all ready for the big event. Daddy had the camera ready and we were going to go over to the table and very ceremoniously slice the tomato into thirds. My job was to carry the tomato over to the table (Daddy was holding me in his arms). I took the tomato from Daddy, and popped it right in my mouth! So much for ceremony! I started chewing and realized that I did not like it at all, so I spit it out. Would you believe Mommy and Daddy didn't want any anymore? So much for our big event! Maybe we'll get another plant and have better luck.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Singing to myself

I've been discovered singing a lot of songs by myself recently. These are some of my favorites. See if you can guess what they are!

Baa baa black sheep, yes sir

Happy to you!

C, D, F, G

Ashes fall down!

I do have fun singing!

Park, back scratches, and Showcase of Homes!

What a weekend! Saturday morning was nice so Daddy and I went to the park. Mommy wasn't feeling so good so she stayed home. We were at the park for a long time, and I got to do everything! (It helped that Mommy wasn't there!) I even got to go down the big slide, which I climbed up to myself 3 or 4 more times. I climbed the rock wall, did the monkey bars, and went on all the slides. I had Daddy's help of course, but I was doing a lot of it myself. He was surprised how good of a climber I'm getting to be! We were at the park for over an hour, at which point I decided I was done and said "home". I walked all the way home, too!

After a little lunch, we went out to see the "Showcase of Homes" they were having in town. Mommy and Daddy just wanted to get some ideas for a future house. I really liked running around all the new houses! I got to open and close lots of doors, go up and down lots of stairs (especially fun since we don't have any), hide in lots of pantries and other rooms, and just have a great time. But after a couple of hours, I was pooped! I fell asleep in the car seat between two of the houses. Daddy picked me up and I fell right back asleep on his shoulder. The house we went in happened to be furnished, so Daddy laid me down on the bed in the master bedroom and I continued my nap! They finished looking around that house, Daddy picked me up, put me back in the truck, we drove to the next house, Daddy got me out of the truck and carried me around the next house, all without me waking up. Like I said, I was tired! I finally woke up when he put me back in the car seat. But by then I'd had almost an hour of sleep, so I was rested and ready to go. We even went out to dinner (Chinese food) and I ate a bunch of noodles!

Sunday was actually more of the same! Daddy and I went to the park again, although we didn't stay as long. I hadn't eaten much for breakfast and wasn't as playful. But we still had a good time. We went back home, and after lunch they put me down for a nap. I didn't complain at all and went right to sleep, which is very rare. I usually don't willingly take a nap on the weekends. While I was asleep, Mommy went out to look at more homes, so when I woke after about 50 minutes Daddy came to get me. He brought me back into their bedroom and laid down on the bed with me in case I wanted to go back to sleep. I didn't, but I did want something else - you see, I've noticed Mommy and Daddy scratching each other's backs, and so last week Daddy scratched my back a little. I really liked it! So today, I laid next to him, rolled on my belly, lifted my shirt up a little in the back, and said simply "Daddy?" He got the hint and scratched my back. I didn't move for about 15 minutes! It felt good!

When Mommy got back we all went out to see the "Premier Featured Homes" or something like that. They were pretty nice, and I got to run around, up and down stairs again, all the same fun stuff as yesterday. What a weekend!

Here are some pictures of the homes we went in.

This one had a neat attic elevator device. Daddy let me operate it! We tried to be sneaky so Mommy wouldn't notice, but I've learned we can't get much by her.

This house had a nice home theater room. Here I am telling Mommy to sit down next to Daddy. I'm working on being more polite about it!

I did a lot of riding around on Daddy's shoulders. Of course this meant I got to touch things I couldn't normally!

The entry for this shower was a little narrow!

Two of the houses had these really neat faucets which were like little waterfalls. Daddy and I had to try them out.

Daddy kept hoping that one of the houses would have a built-in aquarium in one of the walls, but no such luck. That's what he'd like to have if we ever have a house built!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Big storm last night!

Last night I woke up about midnight to a lot of thunder and lightning. Of course I let Daddy and Mommy know I was awake and a little scared! Daddy came in and got me. Then, realizing I wasn't about to be able to go right back to sleep, he decided we should go outside on the back porch and watch the storm. So we sat on the porch swing and I cuddled in his arms. It was a good storm! The lightning was almost continuous, and very close. I was acting just like I did with the fireworks a couple of weeks ago, hugging Daddy when I'd hear thunder, but then start giggling and wanting to see the lightning. I started saying "big one!" when there would be a really bright flash of lightning.

Daddy figured I'd be less scared if we started cheering and clapping when we saw a "big one", and it worked! After a few times clapping at some really "big ones" I got down off his lap and sat next to him to watch the rest of the storm. It went on for another 15 minutes or so, and then it had moved far enough away so we went inside. I had some milk, Daddy put me back in bed and I fell right back asleep. What a show!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wheee! Sprinklers are fun!

It's been hot here recently - about 105 today, and it's been this way since the 4th of July. So when Daddy and I went out back to water the lawn, we decided why not play in the sprinkler while we were at it? I was actually the first one to run through the water - I didn't need Daddy to show me how!

After looking out the window and seeing all the fun we were having, Mommy came out to join us. WHEEEE!

I thought I could hide in the corner. But the sprinkler still got me!

Mommy and I got really wet. For some reason Daddy didn't get very wet. He claims he had to take pictures, after all. When we were done, Daddy went in to get us some towels. He came out with my lady bug towel (my favorite) and my duck towel (for Mommy). He sure is silly!

We all agreed we need to do this more often!

Picnic on the dining room floor

Today after I was done eating breakfast, I gathered up my friends Rusty Bear and Boo, spread out a small blanket, brought my cereal and milk, and had a little picnic on the floor!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boy was I tired...

I slept in all the way to 8 AM this morning! Mommy and Daddy thought it was great!

This afternoon, Daddy had fed me a little snack. I was really thristy and sucked the whole juice box right down. In fact, I wanted more! When he suggested milk or water instead, I looked at him with the most serious look I could manage, glaring eyes and all, and said simply "...Juice". Eventually he convinced me to have some milk instead, which I caused some fuss over, so he left me at the table to eat my snack and went into the living room. All of a sudden he noticed I got really quiet. When he turned around to look at me, here's what he saw!

I was asleep with my head propped between the chair and the table! He managed to get me out of the chair, into his arms, and then laid down on top of him on the couch without waking me up. And there I slept for about an hour. Who knew I was so tired? Daddy wonders how much longer I'll be able to fall asleep on him. I'm getting pretty big, but he stills likes it, and I still find it pretty cozy! Daddy hopes I don't outgrow it too soon, he'll sure miss it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Mommy wears combat boots!

And I do too! I got them on all by myself and walked from the bedroom closet to the kitchen!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Toy Story 2

Mommy and Daddy don't let me watch much (if any) TV, but tonight they decided to watch "Toy Story 2" and see if it would keep my attention for more than just a few minutes. Boy did it ever! I was riveted to the screen and didn't get distracted or bored or anything. We watched it for about an hour. But then it was way past my bedtime, so Mommy said we'd finish the rest tomorrow.

Just a little bit into the movie, I started saying something that sounded a lot like "" "". Mommy and Daddy couldn't figure out what I was talking about, until they looked down and saw me stretching out my toes trying to reach the coffee table. You see, they both had their feet up on it, and I wanted to, too! Of course, since my feet don't yet reach past the end of the sofa cushion, I had to scoot forward to get them on the table. Mommy put another pillow behind me to help out. I'm a big girl!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Helping Daddy with wiring, and FIREWORKS!

Daddy has been doing some wiring in the living room to finally connect up our surround sound system. As usual, I decided to help! He let me hold some of his tools, but I wanted to give him some advice too!

Later that evening, after going to bed, I woke up to some loud noises coming from outside. Last night was the 4th of July, of course, but it was cloudy and raining so we didn't have any fireworks. Our town had postponed their fireworks show until tonight, and apparently many neighbors had too! Daddy came and comforted me, but then realized with all the noise, there was no chance of me falling back asleep anytime soon. So why not go out and watch all the excitement?

We went out back to watch a group of neighbors who were setting off some fireworks in the field next to our house. We were close, and some of them were pretty loud! But I really started enjoying myself after the first few. I'd hear the loud BOOM, hug Daddy really tightly, but then look at the show and start giggling. I'd do this over and over again! This went on for quite a while, until after 10:00, so we went back inside about then and I was able to fall asleep. Next year I can't wait to stay up to see the big show!

Mommy and Daddy, I think I've outgrown the bathtub!

I've had my duck tub since I was just 6 months old:

But here it is 19 months later, and I just don't really fit in it anymore! Mommy and Daddy tell me I'm going to have to get in the big tub soon, but I really like my little duck tub. It's cozy, and my toys don't float away from me! But I suppose soon enough I'll have to move up.

Daddy is especially fascinated by this duck tub because of the fact that, since he filled it up that first time, he has never put any air in it. And it's still full 19 months later! He's interested in stuff like that.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July, but no fireworks!

Today is the 4th of July, but unfortunately it's been raining and stormy all day so they postponed the local fireworks show until tomorrow night. Happy 4th!

Friday, July 3, 2009

To Grandma and Grandpa's house!

It's the 3rd of July, and since the 4th is on a Saturday, today (Friday) is a federal holiday. So Mommy and Daddy both had the day off! Daddy and I decided to head on up to see Grandma and Grandpa Roslewski and give Mommy a real day off. Weren't we nice?

I had a great time while we were there. And we got some important work done, too. Grandma gave me my second hair cut ever! I just needed my bangs trimmed a little. I was a very good girl and sat still for her the whole time! Now, Grandma used to cut Daddy and Uncle Randy's hair all the time, but this was her first time cutting a little girl's hair. She did a great job!

Grandma had bought me some new outfits, so I got to do another little fashion show for Daddy and Grandpa. Here 's one of the outfits. I also decided to say hi to Shadow after I came out.

Grandma had heard how much I liked blowing bubbles, so she was prepared and had some ready to go. Grandpa and I had a fun time, making some pretty big ones too!

It was a great trip, and Mommy thought so too. She had a very relaxing day and told us we could do it again whenever we liked!