Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First trip to the dentist :(

Today Mommy took me to my first dental appointment. Daddy said it was going to be fun. He lied! Okay, it went alright at first. The people were nice and it was very kid-friendly. Once they took me into the exam room, I was fascinated by the way the chair tilted up and down and raised and lowered. Mommy says I'm just Daddy's little engineer! They laid me down on the chair and at first things weren't too bad. They even had a TV in the ceiling!

But then it started going downhill as soon as the dental hygeinist started cleaning my teeth. Now, Daddy usually brushes my teeth at home, and I've only just started not fussing too much with him. But this was a stranger so I fussed a little more.

After the brushing came the flossing - this I did not like at all, and after the second tooth, quickly bit down and wouldn't let them floss anymore. That was enough for me! Mommy and Daddy are going to try it later. Good luck!

Then the dentist came in and took a look at my teeth. I didn't like this very much either, and kept biting down on the mirror. But he did say my teeth looked pretty good! I have the 4 canines coming in now. They've been "coming in" for over a month now, but the dentist said sometimes they do take a few months, so I'm right on schedule. I will get 4 more molars, but then that's it for baby teeth!

We're just about done! Look at how happy I am! But I guess it's good I got it done with.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

See, I'm not so big!

I climbed in and fit just fine in my bucket during some "water play" today!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Day after Christmas

I woke up this morning to find that we were still at Grandma and Grandpa's house, so I was happy to see them again. We had more fun today, and Mommy and Daddy even got to go out and see a movie by themselves! They were very excited.

In the morning, I played a little Tic-Tac-Toe with Daddy. That is, until I figured out the O's were just the right size for me to wear as rings, then I just HAD to have them all on my fingers!

Grandpa and I got to play with the piggy bank some more. I tell you, I really hope Mommy and Daddy like this toy, because I think it's going to get a lot of use!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas part 2!

After we were done with the Christmas presents at our house, we had a little lunch and then drove over several rivers and through some wooded areas to get to Grandma's house. I slept for part of the 2-hour drive, but only about 45 minutes or so. But it was enough for me to rest up and have plenty of energy for Grandma and Grandpa.

We had a great time (we always do!) and played a lot. I think Mommy and Daddy always appreciate a little bit of a break, and Grandma and Grandpa don't mind either!

They got me a book with colors that I immediately took to reading.

I gave them a photo ornament of myself, and Grandma let me help hang it on their tree!

Then I got to unwrap this toy piggy bank. I love it! It sings and counts when you put the coins in or touch the pig's nose. It will make for hours and hours of noise, so Mommy and Daddy, I hope you like it too! You'll see that Shadow is keeping a close watch over me. Good dog!

We stayed overnight, and I had so much fun I wore myself out and slept soundly.

My second Christmas!

Merry Christmas for the second year in a row! This year was bound to be even more exciting than last year. I am now 18 months old, after all, and we'd been reading books about Santa for a few weeks now.

It started off well, with me getting the "spa treatment". Okay, so this was a little unplanned, but I woke up feeling not so "fresh" and Mommy and Daddy both agreed I needed a bath before I could open up any presents. That's okay, I had a good time in the tub too. (Look at how big I am in my duck tub! I've had it a year now and have just about outgrown it. But the most fascinating thing to Daddy is that he hasn't had to put any air in it since that first fill. He finds these kinds of things interesting.)

Once the day at the spa was over, we all wanted to get some good family photos, since we had not had a chance to yet. So Daddy brought out the tripod and I did my best to look cute. I can only be that way for so long, you know, but I was pretty good this time, and we were able to get some decent photos.

Then finally we could start opening presents! I have to admit, I wasn't yet quite as excited about opening them as Mommy and Daddy say I will be in the future. But I did have fun ripping the paper off a couple, and pulling the tissue paper out of gift bags was pretty fun too!

I got a book from the ladies at day care and wanted to read it right away!

You remember my duck towel in the first picture? It's getting a little small so Mommy got me a new, larger one! I liked this one!

In fact, I promptly took hold of it and ran around the house!

Like I said, opening gift bags was the most fun because I could pull out the crinkly paper.

This is a gift to Mommy from Grandma and Grandpa Roslewski, but that didn't stop me from trying to figure out how to play Sudoku!

My "Aunt Charlie" sent a nice box of clothes, but I thought the box itself looked like a lot of fun too. I colored on it and then decided to sit in it!

Thank you everyone for all your great presents. I got a lot of neat stuff and can't wait to play or wear all of it! However, I lost interest in opening the presents long before the presents ran out. Can you tell?

Mommy and Daddy wisely decided we'd just wait on the rest of them for later. So instead, what did I do? Went to the kitchen and played with my sippy cups for the next half hour or so!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Helping Grandma and Mommy bake!

Since Mommy and Daddy got home late last night, Grandma and Grandpa stayed overnight. So I got to play with them today as well. What fun!

One of the best things we did today was bake some desserts! Mommy and I both have a pretty big sweet tooth, and Grandma sure knows how to make some good desserts. So put the three of us ladies together in the kitchen, and look out!

I got to help when we made some caramel apple squares. These are really good. It's important that you get just the right number of caramels into the bowl, and that's what Mommy and Grandma are doing. But what is MOST important is that you get them properly lined up so that they melt thoroughly. That was my job, and without any assistance or guidance from anyone, I made sure each caramel was perfectly positioned in the bowl, taking great care in my work!

Here I caught Daddy and Grandpa taking pictures!

The caramel apple squares came out really well, judging by all the praise we ladies got from the men. We did good!

Mommy caught me running around today with a stocking and dolly that Rod and Joyan Mehring gave to me. I just thought it was a cute picture!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Roslewski came to visit!

Grandma and Grandpa Roslewski came to visit today. They got here in the afternoon, and Mommy and Daddy were more excited than normal. You see, Grandma and Grandpa came down to babysit me so that Mommy and Daddy could go on a date! They went to Daddy's company Christmas party. They left at about 5:30 and then I had Grandma and Grandpa all to myself! As Mommy and Daddy pulled out of the garage, I smiled really wide and waved goodbye to them as big as I could. I was clearly not sad at all to see them pull away! (I think they kind of expected a slightly different response, maybe a little sadder, but I was going to have lots of fun while they were gone!)

And I sure did! I read books, played with my grandparents, gave and got lots of loveys and had such a great time I didn't go to bed until 9 o'clock (7:30 is my usual bedtime).

They brought their dog, Shadow ("Yadow" to me), too. Shadow quickly found a nice place to rest up next to the fireplace. I was very gentle to Shadow the whole visit, so we get along fine now!

Sitting back and relaxing

Today after I finished snack time with Mommy, we went into my room where Mommy started opening some new boxes of diapers. I thought one of the diaper packages looked like fun, so I picked the whole thing up and stared carrying it around the house. I was so proud of myself! But after a while it got pretty heavy. I happened to see my sippy cup and bowl of grapes still on the table, so I set my diapers down in the middle of the kitchen floor. Mommy was nice and handed me my cup and bowl, and I took them, went over to my diapers, and sat right down to have a little second snack! You can see I took off my shoes to get comfortable too!

Mommy thought I was quite adorable!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I got to have some cake!

Today Daddy and I went to the park. We were there a long time. I kept going up and down the slides and spent about 30 minutes on the swing. I was having so much fun I didn't want to leave. Plus it was a really nice day, over 70 degrees in December!

When we got home we all had a treat. Last night Mommy and Daddy just let me have some of the chocolate wafers from Mommy's birthday cake because it was almost bedtime. But today I got to have a whole piece of cake to myself. I liked it! A lot!

Mommy was still pretty worn out from being sick, so I was a good little girl and helped her take a nap. Somehow I ended up cuddling right up to her!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy! (again)

Mommy still isn't feeling so great and hasn't been sleeping well at all, but I helped her out by taking a long nap on the bed next to her. I was really tired and getting a little cranky because I couldn't fall asleep. Eventually, Daddy brought me into their bedroom and they both laid down next to me. I fussed for just a few seconds, then fell over and fell asleep between them! Well, they both decided to take advantage of this, and we all took a nap together. Daddy got up after a little while, but Mommy and I slept solidly for about 3 hours! Mommy said she felt a lot better after that, that it's the first time all week she's actually felt rested! And I helped!

Of course this is the day we were going to celebrate her birthday, so it was important she was well rested. After our nap we went out to eat, and I was really hungry. Then we came back and the fun began! Mommy went in the other room and I helped Daddy bring out a cake, a present, and birthday cards for Mommy.

Here we are after blowing the candle out. I'm just waiting until they'll let me have some of the cake! It looks good!

Do you like the wrapping paper? Daddy let me decorate it and create my own! We got her a photo frame with pictures of me every 2 months from when I was born. I'm growing so fast!

Finally they let me have some cake. I really just wanted the chocolate wafers on the top, and they let me have three!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Well, sort of. Mommy isn't feeling so well, but Daddy and I sang Happy Birthday to her anyway. We're going to wait until Saturday to celebrate for real, hopefully she'll be feeling better by then.

However, I do have a sneaking suspicion that Mommy and Daddy were up to something today. They BOTH came to pick me up from day care, which is very unusual. Also, they looked well-fed. Hmmm... Did Mommy and Daddy have a date and eat without me? Tricky parents of mine!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decorating the tree!

Daddy had put up the tree and put lights on it yesterday, but today we got to decorate it. This was fun and I got to help! Here I am trying to find just the right spot to put this ornament.

Here I am 5 minutes later still trying to find just the right spot to put this ornament. It took me a while to figure it out, but I was having a good time helping!

When we got all done it was time to put the angel on top. Daddy had to help me with this, because it's way up there. I liked holding the angel and didn't really want to let her go!

But we put her on top, and you see I'm making sure she's balanced very carefully.

I think we did a good job!

Of course, now every time I walk by the tree I point to it and say "TREE!" And I point at the angel a lot too!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Kicked the habit!

It's true, I had an addiction - to bottles that is! When I was about a year old Mommy and Daddy gradually started reducing the number I got during the day, until I was down to just one a day, in the morning. This one was REALLY hard for me to give up, though. They tried several times but I refused to eat anything else for breakfast until I had that bottle. But then a couple Sundays ago, Daddy got me up after a nice full night's sleep and brought me out into the kitchen. I saw a banana, said "nana" and so Daddy thought maybe I would eat it without my bottle first. He was right! But that didn't work the next day, Monday morning. I think it's because during the week I don't wake up myself, they have to wake me up, so I'm a little cranky and tired.

Fortunately, that was the week of Thanksgiving, so there were 4 days in a row where I'd get to sleep until I woke up naturally. What's more, we were at Grandma and Grandpa Roslewski's for the first 2 days, so once I got up I was plenty distracted by them. So the whole 4 days I didn't want or need my bottle! But the following Monday was the big test - would I go back to insisting on it once they had to wake me up in the morning again?

Nope!!! It's now been a whole week of workdays and I haven't needed a bottle once. I finally broke the habit!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Helping Daddy move furniture

Mommy and Daddy rearranged some furniture in the family room today. I wanted to help!

(I like wearing that jacket of mine, even sometimes when I'm inside!)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Don't I look all grown up?

Here I am working at Daddy's computer. I like to bang away at the keyboard and move the mouse all around. Daddy worries that I'm going to somehow delete everything, but I haven't yet!

As usual, you will note that I have crazy hair. Always have, always will!

Later, after dinner I grabbed one of Daddy's airplane magazines and started flipping through like I was actually reading it! I was pointing out the different airplanes that I liked. Daddy was very proud. Although he did tell me it's impolite to read at the dinner table! (So then why did he have a magazine at the table, huh???) Daddy says, "I was reading it before dinner! Honest!"

I met Santa today!

What a busy day today was! In the morning we headed up to Tinker AFB where Santa was going to arrive! We went into a big hangar where there were lots of people and lots of stuff to do. I was pretty overwhelmed by it all, trying to take it all in. In fact, we tried to take a group photo but as soon as Daddy set me down on the sled, I just started crying! Look how sad I am!

I don't know why I wasn't happy, but I was NOT happy!

So after that we headed to see Santa. I was looking forward to this and hoped I would do better when I got up there. Daddy sat me down on Santa's knee, but I immediately decided I didn't like it and reached for Daddy to take me back. Of course he did, right away! I didn't smile, but at least I didn't cry for this picture either.

There was some fun stuff to do, and some good desserts. I may have had some cookies. Do you think Daddy knew I still had a cookie when he put me on his shoulders? Mommy was laughing at me getting crumbs in his hair. Also, have I mentioned what a good handhold Daddy's face can be?

There was a nice lady there who made me a pink poodle out of balloons. She did a really good job! The poodle didn't last too long, though. Later in the day I kind of bit it until all the air got out. Poor poodle!

But I did get a helium balloon there too. I didn't think much of it while we were there, but once we got home, what fun! I have to admit I was a little surprised when I held it like a ball and let go. It didn't fall down, it fell up! This took some getting used to, but I had fun batting it around.