Friday, February 27, 2009

Flying Home!

Mommy told me that we were going to fly on a big plane again and fly home to Daddy! I was so excited to hear we were going to get to see Daddy again. It seems like ages since I waved bye-bye to him.

First, though, we had to go through the luggage check in, security and more! Once again, I was a big help to Mommy. Rather than having her push me along in my pink stroller, I insisted on "helping" her by pushing the stroller myself. Never mind the fact that the stroller is taller than I am and Mommy had to help steer so I wouldn't crash into everyone, I was helping!

When we were boarding the plane, some mean man took away my stroller! I don't know why I couldn't take it on the plane with me. And for some reason, the people who were around us when the man took the stroller away were LAUGHING at me. (One of them even made the comment that it was a good thing my looks couldn't actually hurt the "gate check" man.) So I started screaming to let everyone know my displeasure at having someone take away my beloved stroller. Again, the people around us laughed some more. The people who were already seated were wearing "please not my row" expressions as Mommy called them.

We ended up sitting by another lady near the back of the plane who was travelling with a 3-month old baby. Isn't it hard to believe that the very last seat taken on the plane was the one between the other baby and me? Shocking, I know.

The fllight back seemed much shorter than the one to Phoenix. This might have something to do with the fact that I slept an hour and a half on the way back. I would have slept even longer if Mommy hadn't woken me up. Apparently I had a major "overflow" in my diaper and Mommy decided she wasn't going to sit and be a super sponge underneath me.

I couldn't fall back asleep after going through a diaper AND outfit change on the floor near the lavatory. (There wasn't a changing table in the lavatory. So Mommy had a "discussion" with the flight attendant and "won" that she'd be allowed to change me out there rather than on the toilet seat in the lavatory.)

So for the remainder of the flight I kept noticing the wing of the airplane out the window. As a regular airport patron, I know that airplane wings generally mean there's an airplane nearby. Mommy doesn't think I was quite grasping the concept that I was in the plane whose wing I could see rather than thinking another airplane was nearby. I'm still learning.

Here was the best part of the whole flight -- Daddy was there to pick us up! Yeah! I'm so glad to be back!

Playing at the Park with Grandma Bunny and Grandpa Mitch

After leaving Aunt Nicole's and Uncle Stan's, we drove over to Grandma and Grandpa Stoller's home to spend some more time with them before our flight out this afternoon.
Originally we went to Arcadia Park, which is near their home, to discover something truly horrifying: The playground equipment was all missing! The park was under construction and all the equipment had been removed.

As I was all set for park play time, we ended up driving back to the park by Aunt Nicole's home. I felt much better once I realized I was going to get to play, play, play after all.

Here Grandpa Mitch is pushing me on a swing. I love going really high!

After the swings I wanted to try a few things out by myself to show Grammy and Granpa what a big girl I am! Look how well I went down this big slide all on my own!

Grandma Bunny was just on the other side, so I went down a slide where she could watch my wonderful techniques. I could tell she was highly impressed!

It's a funny thing, but grandparents seem to tire out of me climbing up the stairs and sliding down the slides long before do. So once Grandma and Grandpa Stoller went to sit down while I kept up with my activities, I'd still do my best to make them feel included in my activities.

Here I am trudging through the sand. (At home in OK the playgrounds have bark rather than sand.)

I'd then say "hi" and/or give a quick wave to them before running back to the slide.

It was a great day at the park!
As Mommy and I were flying home this afternoon, we needed to go out to eat and go back to the airport. I'd been pretty angelic all week. So I figured out lunch was just as good a time as any to demonstrate to Grandma Bunny and Grandpa Mitch (as well as any other patron who was at IHOP today) why Mommy and Daddy say I'm going to be an only child. Yes, Uncle Scotty, I really was as bad as Grandma Bunny described. The term "spawn" came up quite frequently to describe me, though I'm not just sure what kind of spawn they meant. (It didn't sound good! I'm sorry!)

Getting Ready to Go Home

Since we'd stayed out so late last night, Mommy didn't have a chance to finish packing before I fell asleep (and stopped waking back up). So Uncle Stan and Aunt Nicole entertained me while Mommy was sneakily, I might add, packing our suitcase up for the flight home.

I even added some harmony to the tune Aunt Nicole was playing. I somehow managed this feat even though I was holding "Billy" in my lap. (I named the big stuffed Sharpei Billy, in honor of Uncle Bill who gave him to me.)

I'm sure going to miss all the fun I've had at Uncle Stan and Aunt Nicole's, especially the yummy pancakes Uncle Stan made for us!

If all goes well, we'll be back in June for Mommy's high school reunion.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Family Night at the Behrens

As if today weren't exciting enough after visiting Grandma and Grandpa Stoller, Dr. Erika and Uncle Scotty, there was still another event lined up on our "social calendar."
Mommy and I went over to Mr. Behrens' home (Auntie Nicole's Daddy) for family night over there. As I mentioned before, Mommy and Auntie Nicole have been friends for a long, long time. So Mommy knows Auntie Nicole's siblings ("Uncle" Bill and "Auntie" Simone) as well as her parents pretty well, too.
Here I am meeting "Cousin" Eden and her Daddy, Roman. (You can see Mr. Behrens in the background preparing the grill. Mommy did her best to keep me distracted from those enticing flames!) I picked up her doggie that she dropped and gave it back to her. (Notice the change in outfit. Dr. Erika picked out this pretty dress for me and gave it to me during our visit earlier. After an "oopsie" at her house, it was nice that I had something clean to wear before heading over to the Behrens.)

Mommy, Auntie Nicole and I are already having lots of fun! (Notice the chair in the background. We had an "incident" a little later where I scared a few years off Mommy's life. I was standing up in the chair trying to reach a potato chip. Mommy had been prepared to catch me when I was leaning forward. But for some odd reason, I decided to lean way back really fast. The chair and I both toppled over and made a very load "SPLAT!" noise on the concrete. Luckily, the chair absorbed the impact rather than my noggin!)

In this photo, Mommy gained an even greater appreciation for photographers who work exclusively with children. She just couldn't get a photo where "Cousin" Luca, Cousin Eden and I were all looking at the camera AND didn't have expressions that looked like we just tasted something really yucky. So Mommy settled on this photo which demonstrates my interest in the mechanics of the glider.

Luca and Eden went on to explore more exciting things, so I got Mr. Behrens to myself for a few minutes.

Here Eden and I are having a very sophisticated discussion on the merits of tasting lemon rinds.

Here I am with Cousin Luca and Auntie Simone. You'll see in the next photo what had me so distracted.

LOOK! There's a baby bunny in the bushes. I'll run over and say hello!

I know the bunny is in there somewhere. But Mommy said I must have scared him away. Do I really look scary?

Overall, we had a great time (minus the chair incident where I went BOOM!). I'm sorry there aren't any photos of me with "Uncle" Bill (especially since he'd come to the Stoller family night event, as well). I don't know how he managed to avoid Mommy's camera. As you may have noticed, she takes lots of pictures. I didn't get to meet Mrs. Behrens this trip either. Hopefully I'll get to meet her when we come back for Mommy's high school reunion in June.

I was plum tuckered out by the time Mommy and I got back to Auntie Nicole's. As tired as I was, I did something I haven't done except when I've been sick: I kept waking up and crying. Mommy had to come check on me and soothe me three times to get me to stay asleep. She sure hopes this doesn't mark the end of my good sleeping habits.

Visiting Dr. Erika

After stopping by the zoo, Mommy and I went to visit her friend Erika. (Dr. Erika is another one of Mommy's friends that she's had for eons.)
Dr. Erika has two little doggies who were much more my size. Here Pepe is checking me out to make sure he approves of my presence in his domain. Dr. Erika was busy assuring Taz that it was in fact OK for me to be here.

I don't know what it is, but for some reason I'm drawn to water! Mommy thinks it's to subtract years from her life. At least I only got my hands wet this time!

Here Pepe is following closely at my heels trying to get his blue toy back!

Poor Pepe! He was trying so hard to be such a good boy! I know he wanted to snatch his toy back from me. But he waited patiently until I gave it back to him.

After playing at Dr. Erika's a while, we all went to lunch at a restaurant called El Encanto, which is across the street from the Cave Creek Leather Mill. Normally I love Mexican food. But there were too many distractions. There was a pond with ducks, geese, turtles and lots of wild birds! How did Mommy expect me to eat with so many fascinating distractions? Did you know that ducks really like tortilla chips? They do!

Going to the Phoenix Zoo!!!

OK, maybe I exaggerated. I just went to Grandma and Grandpa Stoller's house. Let's just summarize things and say Grandma Bunny has a strong love for animals, especially kitty cats. It seems like everywhere I looked there was another kitty running by. If one was trying to run away from me, I just needed to head another direction and I'd be sure to come across another kitty.
Here I am with "Bobbi Lynx" and "The Boss."

In this photo you can see my "namesake" sitting under the umbrella. Her name is Pipwe. (Someone at the hospital where I was born made a typo from "Piper" and put "Pipwe" on the video of my first 15 minutes in this world.) Grandma Bunny is holding "Thunder" while "Ebony" (black dog on the left) and "Bonnie" (Boxer on the right) are watching more kitties on the other side of the pool. Grandpa Mitch is doing his best to keep me from stepping on The Boss."

Here Grandma Bunny is showing me how to pet Thunder nicely, while he's trying to get a taste of what's in my sippy cup.

I'll have to talk with Mommy and Daddy about starting our own animal collection. I heard that Mommy had said in her wedding vows to Daddy that she would never have more pets than people in their home. I wonder what made her think of adding that to her vows?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Activities

Today was a pretty busy day. I went shopping with Mommy and Uncle Scotty. We were looking for a new laptop for my cousin Lexi. I can't say I was a big help as I know nothing about computers. But I sure helped Mommy and Uncle Scotty go through much more of the store than they originally intended as they chased after me going up and down every aisle.
Later in the day I got to spend some more time with my cousins. We all went back to the store and bought the laptop.
Then Mommy took me to meet my Cousin Jake. She forgot how long it takes to drive up to Cave Creek, so I was sound asleep by the time we reached The Leather Mill (the Stoller family's store). I woke up enough to say a few grumpy words, but I was not in a playful mood. Sorry, Cousin Jake!
(Sadly, Mommy forgot the camera when we were out and about, so there were no pictures or videos to capture today's activities.)

Bath time!

Due to space constraints, Mommy couldn't bring my "ducky tub." But she was worried I might flop all over the place in the big tub. So she figured the laundry sink would be a safe bet. She was right! I had so much fun! (Sorry about the mess on the floor, Uncle Stan.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Family Night Fun

Tonight Mommy, Aunt Nicole and I all planned a family get together so I could meet my cousins and uncles.

Here I am with Daddy's "little" brother, my Uncle Randy.

Here I am with Uncle Scott, Mommy's older brother. He's as tall as Uncle Randy is. (Don't worry, I didn't get a neck strain looking up at them. I just held up my arms and said "up, please" and they'd pick me up. I was SO HIGH!)

Here I am with my cousins Logan and Lexi (Uncle Scott's children) and Aunt Nicole. I just went from person to person and they all gave me hugs and loveys. It was great! (Cousin Jake was working, so I didn't get to meet him tonight. Mommy says she'll take me to meet him tomorrow.)

By the time I got around to Uncle Matthew's (Mommy's oldest brother) and Grandma Bunny's seat, I was so tired I fell asleep. So, no, I'm not examining my belly button in this photo. I just passed out.

So Mommy changed me for bed. Since Daddy wasn't available (he was night flying), Uncle Randy stepped in and helped Mommy sing "You are My Sunshine" and I went right to sleep. What a fun night I had!!

(As a side note, Mommy mentioned to Daddy that Uncle Randy sang the song somewhat differently than Daddy. That's when Daddy admitted he usually changes the key to whatever key Mommy happens to be singing in. As Mommy is pretty tone deaf, the key changes not just from night to night, but from measure to measure. But I still love to hear her sing to me!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Visiting the Schades

When Mommy was growing up, one of her best friends was Stacy Schade. I haven't gotten to meet her yet as she moved to Idaho with her husband and children. Since Mommy spent so much time at the Schade's home, she wanted me to meet Stacy's parents, Miss Betty and Mr. Herald.
Mr. Herald looked like a big teddy bear to me. So I climbed right up on his lap. He turned on a show called Sponge Bob Square Pants. I thought it was so funny that I was laughing and squealing away!

Mommy decided to sit with us so we could both be in a photo with Mr. Herald. (Notice in the upper right hand corner the cookies on the kitchen counter. Mommy had told me how delicious "Betty Cookies" are. And she was right! They were yummy!)

Since the weather is so great in this area, Miss Betty and I got to sit on her porch swing and look at the birdies.

Of course, I wasn't content just sitting on the swing and watching the birdies. I had to check out the fountain for myself.

Then Miss Betty showed me how to ride a tri-cycle.

After just a few minutes, look how well I did!

I'm so glad we were able to visit with the Schades!

Visiting Miss Karen

After helping Auntie Nicole around the house, Mommy and I went to visit Mrs. Dory, also known as Miss Karen. Miss Karen had a bad fall recently, so her doctor said she was to get plenty of rest. Luckily for us, Miss Karen was feeling well enough for Grandma Bunny, Mommy and me to stop by.

Miss Karen has a real doggie named Annabelle. Annabelle was really sweet and even let me pet her a few times. (Sorry, no action shots.)

Miss Karen has two grandchildren a few years older than me, so she had lots of toys and dolls for me to play with. Here I am with Miss Karen and Grandma Bunny while I'm trying to decide which doll to play with.

Before it was time to go, Mommy wanted to get a picture of me with Miss Karen. As you can see, I was somewhat distracted. I wanted to go back to playing with the dolls.

We had a great time visiting Miss Karen and Annabelle. We wish Miss Karen a speedy recovery!

Helping "Auntie" Nicole around the House

Mommy and I are staying at "Auntie" Nicole and "Uncle" Stan's house this week. (Mommy and Auntie Nicole have been friends for what I'd call eons, even though Mommy says it's "just" 25 years.)

In order to help earn our keep, I thought I should help Auntie Nicole with some projects she was doing around the yard. Here I am picking lemons for some fresh lemonade.

Here Auntie Nicole and I are cleaning the glass door to the bedroom Mommy and I are staying in.

I better not get myself too worn out. Mommy and I have lots of people to visit today!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Stoller Gave Me a Puppy!!!!!

When Mommy and I arrived at a very busy Sky Harbor airport, Mommy had a lot of juggling to do. Somehow she carried my car seat, diaper bag, computer/camera bag and pushed me in my stroller and managed to collect our suitcase.
Luckily, Grandma Bunny and Grandpa Mitch were outside to meet us. And guess what they had for me! They gave me a great big puppy dog!!!! He's so soft and cuddly!!! Granted, he's not a "real" puppy. He's a big stuffed white puppy with a big red nose. As I mentioned, Mommy's hands were a little full, so she didn't get a picture of me with my new friend at the airport. I'm sure we'll get a good photo for a future entry.
Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

Flying in a BIG Plane

Today Mommy and I left Daddy all by his lonesome to go to some place called Phoenix, AZ. (Mommy and Daddy grew up in Phoenix and have relatives who still live there.) Mommy said Phoenix is too far away for Daddy to fly us there in the "Big Piper" (as N75078 is known in the Roslewski house). So Mommy and I flew in what she called a "737" on Southwest airlines. (I'm not sure why "non-stop" flights are so beneficial for traveling with someone my size, but she assured me this was a great benefit.)

Before we could get to the big plane, Mommy and I had to go through a security checkpoint. Well, I didn't like the thought of saying good-bye to Daddy at all. Everyone who was within 100 feet of the security checkpoint knew exactly what I thought of that.

Oklahoma City is a pretty friendly place. So one of the checkpoint agents suggested we get an "escort pass" for Daddy to come through to the gate with us. Both Mommy and I thought this was great! Daddy got to carry my car seat and me while Mommy hauled in my diaper bag, her computer/camera bag and my stroller.

Once I got to see all the big planes up close, I forgot all about crying any more. Here Daddy and I are in front of the plane Mommy and I flew in.

Although I only slept about 20 minutes of the flight, I was a pretty good girl for all the other passengers. I drew lots of lovely pictures with the crayons Mommy thoughtfully packed for me. We also read some great literature, such as "I Spy" and "Doggies."

I also learned a new trick. I can undo the lids on my sippy cups. I don't understand why Mommy wasn't so impressed when I showed this to her and dumped my drink on her lap not long after takeoff!

All in all, I think I'll get used to flying in big planes.
I'm looking forward to having a great week with all of my family and friends!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bowling with Daddy!

Tonight Mommy's office had a going-away party for one of the people who is going to be deployed for 6 months. It was at the bowling alley. At first I was very excited by the playground outside, so I went out there with Mommy while Daddy bowled a little. Daddy stunk! He only bowled an 81, and came in last!

This is where I decided to help him out. He clearly needed it. So as usual, I asked him to pick me up and wouldn't take "no" for an answer! I liked all the balls and noise and didn't want him to put me down when he had to bowl. So he took me with him! Me in his left arm, the ball in his right. Before each shot I'd give the ball a big hug for good luck, and then he'd walk on down the lane with me and roll the ball at the pins. I'd laugh and yell "ball" and cheer when he hit the pins, and then we'd give each other high-5's. He seemed to be doing a lot better with my help, and guess what? He bowled a 152, and won this time! I like bowling with Daddy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I know a lot of words!

I have really been learning to say a lot of words the last few weeks. Tonight, Mommy and Daddy actually tried to write down all the words I know. They only counted words that I say by myself, not ones I only say when repeating after them. It came to over 50! Everything from Mama and Dada to sock, chin, hot, cheese, duck, and lots more. I'm growing up so fast!

There are a lot more words that I know what they mean when Mommy or Daddy says them, but I can't say them quite yet (like if they ask me to point to my knee, I can, but I can't say "knee" yet.)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Backrubs for Daddy

Today I saw Mommy giving Daddy what looked like a back rub right after we fed the fish. (She was really scratching Daddy's back). Mommy and Daddy couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden, I took off running to their bedroom. I came back with a big jar of moisturizing cream that I got off Mommy's nightstand. Mommy helped me get the lid off and we rubbed a bunch onto Daddy’s dry back. He said I did a great job and mentioned how thoughtful I was!

Beans, beans, and more beans!

Today we all ate lunch out at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Daddy was going to meet us there, and was running a little late, so Mommy went ahead and ordered a “side” of beans for me. She usually just gives me some off her plate, but today I was pretty hungry. That “side” was a lot bigger than we thought it would be! It was a regular oval dinner plate full of beans! But I attacked it dutifully. Mommy would spoon some beans onto a little plate for me, I'd scarf them down, and ask for "more". She'd put some more on, and I'd quickly finish those and ask for more again! Long after Mommy and Daddy finished their lunches, I was still asking for “more” beans. In fact, I completely cleaned the plate, even getting the last three beans that were stuck to the spoon!

I don’t understand why Mommy and Daddy say they feel sorry for the ladies at Day Care tomorrow...

My jokes keep getting better!

Mommy and Daddy were giving me a bath this morning, and as usual, I was playing with some cups, pouring water into and out of them, from one to the other, and just having a fine time. Daddy said maybe I'd be a chemist when I grew up, since I looked like one, pouring the water back and forth. He went on to say how I could develop some new alterative fuel, make millions of dollars, and support him and Mommy when they were old and decrepit!

I stopped pouring for a moment, looked up and him, and in all seriousness, said:


I'm funny, huh?!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do I have an Oklahoma accent or what?

Since I started saying my own name a few weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy have noticed something about the way I pronounce it. Something "local" about it - I have an Oklahoma accent! So Daddy recorded it - listen to me say "Pah-puh"! He was pointing at pictures of me when he asked me "who's that". The second time he was pointing to a picture of my naked bottom, and as you can hear I respond with "Butt-butt"!

Listen here!

One, two, three - FLOP!

I had such fun with Daddy today. We were in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom and I started climbing on the footboard, grabbing onto his fingers to steady myself. He'd say "1, 2, 3", at which time I'd crouch down, and fall backwards off the footboard onto the bed, on my back. It was great fun, and I did it over and over again! We must have done this for 20 minutes, giggling the whole time!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! For some reason I'm not old enough to understand, Mommy and Daddy don't celebrate today. But that doesn't mean I can't get in on the fun! I got a nice card from Grandma and Grandpa Roslewski, and two Valentine bears from Mommy. It was fun!

Now, coincidentally, Daddy had ordered me my very own headset for the plane, and it came in just a couple of days ago, so he gave it to me today. It's pink and is sized smaller so it fits me. I can't wait to try it out!

I like this holiday!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mommy's Back!!!!!!!!

Mommy came back today! Daddy picked me up early from day care so that we'd be there when she got home. We actually got home just a little before her. She called when she was just around the corner so we could go out and wait for her, so we did! I saw her car coming from down the block, and started running down our driveway and waving at her. I was so happy and excited I tried to get in the car with her while she was still pulling into the driveway. Daddy had to hold me back so Mommy could park. But when she got out I gave her really big hugs and kisses. I'm very happy she's back (no offense Daddy)! (Daddy's pretty glad she's back too.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So far so good!

Daddy and I both miss Mommy very much. But we're happy to report that everything is going as well as it could. Daddy's doing a pretty good job - he even made pasta for dinner tonight, one of my favorites!

However, I couldn't quite wait until he got done with dinner before I ate - I was hungry! I saw some cereal on the counter, pointed, and said "cereal"! It's one of the words I've learned recently. I then saw a bowl on the counter, reached up, grabbed it and brought it to Daddy, saying "cereal" again. He got the hint! As he poured some cereal in the bowl, I went to the silverware drawer to get a spoon. I couldn't quite reach in the drawer, but I knew right where they were, so Daddy helped me. I grabbed the spoon, the bowl, walked over to the table, set the bowl and spoon down, and tried to get up into my chair. Of course, Daddy had to help with this too, but then I sat happily eating my Rice Krispies while he finished making dinner. It tided me over just fine! I'm getting to be such a big girl!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bye-bye Mommy!

Mommy had to go down to Abilene, TX to attend a course at Dyess AFB this week. She had to leave today, so that means it'll be just Daddy and me until she gets home on Friday. I'm sure we'll have a fun time, but it sure was sad to see Mommy go. This is the first time she'll have been away from me overnight. Wish us luck!

Mommy packed yesterday while Daddy and I were out having fun, but not before I helped roll the big suitcase into the bedroom. I'm such a big help!

Before she left, I did get a chance to jump in the car and do a little driving myself!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Helping Mommy and Daddy wash the cars

After all the ice and sleet we had last week, our cars were pretty dirty. Since it was a very nice and warm day today, we decided to wash them. I helped and it was a fun time!

Went flying again with Daddy!

Today Daddy took me flying again! We went down to Paul's Valley, OK for their monthly fly-in lunch. I had a great time looking at all the airplanes! In fact, when we arrived, I didn't want to wait around for Daddy to finish locking up the plane, so I grabbed one of his friend's fingers and walked off to look at airplanes. Apparently I'm not too shy when I don't want to be! I got to see a lot of neat airplanes up close.

I look pretty intense, don't I?

After we got back to our home airport, we headed to one of the local lakes where we met Mommy and fed the ducks bread. I was trying my best to throw the bread out into the water, but it didn't go very far. I need to work on my throwing arm some! I love feeding the ducks. I giggle and squeal the whole time (and say the word "duck" a lot)!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feeling much better, and Mommy stayed home!

Every day this week I've been getting better, and I'm very glad. I'm finally back to my normal, happy self!

Today was a great day, because Mommy stayed home from work today just to play with me! We had lots of fun - we danced, played with blocks, danced some more, had something to eat, and danced some more! We walked to the park, where I had a great time, and then I helped Mommy around the house a little. By then I was pretty tired, so we laid down in bed and I actually fell asleep on Mommy! It's been a long, long time since I've done that, since before I could walk. But I was pooped, Mommy was pooped, and so we just had a nice cozy nap. Mommy even fell asleep too! The whole day was just a really wonderful time for both Mommy and me, and I hope we can do it again sometime soon.

When Daddy got home, I was rested and in a great mood. For more dancing! I have really started to like dancing. I'll have to get a video clip soon. I grab Mommy and Daddy's fingers, pull them over to the radio, and they turn it on. This afternoon I even picked the CD to dance to - country music! Daddy helped me put the CD in, and then we started dancing. Mommy and Daddy sure dance silly, but I try to copy what they do, whether it's spinning around, or kicking their legs, or just walking funny. It's a lot of fun!

Then I think I was distracted by the fish. I love feeding the fish. Daddy and I have our little routine - I help him open the top of the aquarium, he pours some fish food into the lid of the container, and I turn it over into the tank. Then we stick our fingers in and see if the fish will nibble them. They usually do, which makes me giggle and say "fish"! Then I'll help Daddy close the top of the aquarium and we'll look at them though the front of the tank for a while. I really think they're funny, and will giggle the whole time. Daddy thinks it's pretty great too!

I did a pretty good job at dinner, but then after that I was really tired again after all this activity. So I went to bed without any fuss. I was such a good girl today, Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed it. And so did I!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trying to put my own shirt on

I am really trying to be very independent recently. I try to do everything myself if I can!

Today I grabbed one of my shirts and tried to put it on. Never mind that I was already wearing a shirt (and overalls)! But as you can see, I was able to get it over my head and one arm through. Couldn't quite figure out the other arm yet, but I'll get it!