Monday, August 6, 2012

Playing Stratego with Daddy

Daddy and I played a new game today called "Stratego".  He and Uncle Randy used to play this growing up (Daddy admits that Uncle Randy almost always beat him).  He borrowed it from Uncle Randy and I really wanted to give it a try, so Daddy taught me how to play.  He didn't think I'd make it through a whole game, but I sure did!  It took about 45 minutes and I never lost interest.  In fact, I wanted to play it again right away, but it was time for bed by then.  I was really starting to get the hang of it!  I impressed Daddy by coming up with my own strategy for placing my bombs and flag - most of the bombs around the flag in the corner of the board, but then a few bombs elsewhere to make him THINK the flag was there.  Pretty good!  Daddy did win this time, but I know I'll get him back soon. 

When he looked back at the box, he noticed it's for ages 10 and up.  He was really proud of me then!