Friday, August 17, 2012

Last day at the Wright Field North CDC

Today was my last day at the Wright Field North Child Development Center on the base.  It was a pretty emotional day for me, and for Daddy too.  Daddy very clearly remembers the first day he brought me here.  When we arrived in Ohio in December 2010, it took him a little while to find a job, so for a month or so it was just me and him at home all day long.  We had a great time together, so when he walked me down the hallway to my new day care class, room A-14, he knew it was the end of that special time we had.  He can remember it like it was yesterday.

And now, it's my last day there.  Nineteen months, all in room A-14, going from being one of the youngest kids in my class at age three to a wise and mature age five.  That's the longest I've ever been in one spot, and everybody in the center knew me!  Although a few of the teachers rotated in and out, there were two that were there almost the whole time.  I'm going to miss them a bunch!

Daddy and I had our silly routines.  When he dropped me off, he would always race me from the door to the window (all of about 10 feet) with an "Olympic Style" start, and I always managed to beat him.  (Except for a few times he claimed it was a tie.)  I'd always manage to get at least one rematch out of him before he'd have to leave and go to work.  When he picked me up I usually wanted him to spin me around the corners in the hallway.  And I always wanted to stop by and see Ava.  Ava was an infant who I got to know by visiting the infant room about once a week.  They let me play with the babies, and Ava and I got along really well.  When she turned 1 and moved up into the pre-toddler room, I kept checking on her, looking through the window every day.  Usually got a big smile out of her too!

Sometime around age 4 and a half, I had seen Daddy sign me in on the computer so many times that I wanted to try it myself.  He showed me how, and by now he doesn't even pay attention while I do it all myself!

This was my cubby for the whole time I was there. It usually was filled with drawings, "flowers" to bring home to Mommy, or other crafts we'd do during the day.

Daddy has no idea when this happened!  We used to be outside playing every day when he'd come pick me up, but then between the hot summer weather and a schedule change for recess, he hadn't seen me do the monkeybars in a while.  Today I showed him that I can touch the ground with my toes now!  I sure am growing!

This is where I spent many minutes hiding from the big hairy Daddy monster!  I knew he couldn't get me in the tunnel, unless he was really really hungry to eat kids.  Sometimes I'd have 4 of my friends stuffed in there with me so we could all escape!

I'd often taunt the big hairy Daddy monster from this side, while he was standing where he is now.  I knew he couldn't get around to me quick enough before I'd dive through the tunnel and get away!

We each had our assigned nap time areas.  This was mine.  I really didn't nap much, but sometimes would sit there quietly with a book.  This last week I figured out how to make a tent fort somehow, and was very proud to tell Daddy all about my engineering!

Although it was a pretty emotional day for me, when it was time to leave I didn't actually cry one bit!  I did my normal routine, which was run down the hallway until Daddy told me to "slow down!", which didn't take very long, hide in a doorway, and check for Ava of course.  But I do love to pose!

My head teacher for most of the time I was there, Ms. Carole, surprised me with a going away gift!  She had put together a bunch of pictures she took of me doing various activities, including writeups on my progress through the months, into a photo album.  It was super nice and Daddy and I had a lot of fun going through it!

It has been a great time, and Daddy is very much going to miss having me right across the street from his office. But I can't stop growing up, I get to move up to Kindergarten now!

I'm sure going to miss my preschool!